How I’ve been shafted by Darryl Collins from Banjax and Gingerparts

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I don’t consider myself to be a particularly vindictive man. I recognise that I have a short fuse and fly off the handle fairly quickly, but it nearly always passes just as fast, and I genuinely tend not to hold grudges.

But if someone jerks my chain for almost a year, at some point my patience is thoroughly exhausted, and posts like these are born.

A man named Darryl Collins, running a web design agency in Belfast called Banjax, approached me in September 2012 to help with the SEO of one of their internally run websites, – a motorcycle parts ecommerce site.

After a meeting and some emails Darryl and I agreed that I – in a personal capacity as a side project – would do a SEO audit for the site at a severely reduced rate of £500. Usually my SEO audits cost in the region of £1500-£2000, which is cheap by general UK standards but tends to be on the pricier side here in Northern Ireland.

I thought I would be able to do some more work for Darryl and Banjax down the road, so I reduced my fee dramatically and only charged him £500 for the audit.

I delivered the audit for Gingerparts in October, and sent Darryl my invoice for £500 in early November. You can guess where this is headed.

One Year On

It is now September 2013, almost a year since Darryl Collins first approached me, and I have yet to be paid. I have repeatedly emailed Darryl and spoke with him over the phone a few times when I was able to get a hold of him, asking about the status of my payment. I have been met with naught but excuses, or more often with no replies at all.

Recently I finally managed to get hold of Darryl Collins again, this time via LinkedIn. At last replying to my messages, Darryl claims he has been shafted by a former employee of Banjax and Gingerparts that handles their accounts, and that this ex-employee was responsible for me not being paid.

Call me a cynic, but I find this to be a pretty weak excuse. ‘Blame the admin’ is an easy way out, but if you as a business owner let your paperwork guy screw things up for you to the extent that Darryl claims, you are as much to blame for negligence as the office admin is for screwing things up. Especially in light of my many emails over the months enquiring after my payment, Darryl should have realised something was up and he should have acted much sooner.

After a few exchanges over LinkedIn, in the last message I got from Darryl Collins on August 12 he promised that I would be paid at the end of August. Suffice to say that has not happened.

Business Ethics

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that if you agree to pay someone for performing a certain service, and the service is provided, you are obliged to pay that person.

I’m in the business of selling my time and my expertise. I put in time and effort and apply my considerable experience and skills, and in return my clients pay for my output.

For me to put in that effort and not be paid, I find it hard not to take it personally. It’s an implicit signal that the client does not value my time nor my expertise. And that, frankly, is downright insulting.

At this stage I have no illusions of ever being paid for my SEO audit. I do however want to write about my experience with Darryl, if only to warn potential customers and suppliers of the type of individual they are dealing with.

I genuinely don’t know if how I’ve been treated is representative of how Darryl Collins deals with his suppliers and clients in Banjax and Gingerparts, or if this was just a one-off anomaly, but in the interests of an informed marketplace I felt the truth about my experience should be out there.

Take it as you will.


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    I got an email from a guy the other day who’s launched a startup for companies and freelancers to report who hasn’t paid them so others can informally ‘credit check’ them and there’s been sites dedicated to this activity before as it’s rife.

    I think it’s important if it’s a first time client to get all the money upfront or at least a large enough deposit with the rest outlined in a PO which you can then formally pursue.

    It sucks when it happens and you know they just don’t care about paying you otherwise you would have had an apology in person and taken out for lunch to explain the situation.

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    Amen to that Barry – I am dealing with two today – even with contracts, the cheque is in the post routine and the Director is on holiday routine it is wearing thin. I have another one that wanted me to demand someone work for free to furnish a deadline they pulled out of thin air with a task that was not on the brief or they would find someone else and make me pay for it – I wouldn’t mind but I was doing a favour after a previous developer mucked it up.

    Some people have issues with projects for a reason (check the back history) and posts like this help us to make informed decisions about who is good to work with and who isn’t. Feature creep aside, not paying your bills when you agreed is not acceptable. Also, the ‘well everyone has to wait for payment’ angle only lasts 10 – 30 days for me – once you hit 30 days expect to be chased hard and expect me to take steps to recover the costs – if you let everyone get away with it, you would not be in business.

    I usually get an up front payment but even then, you are at the mercy of people that don’t pay – not paying on time or struggling is actually ok if it is discussed and a payment plan met, but once they start the runaround, you know the type that they are.

    As seasoned pro’s that are great at what we do for a reasonable price, I would rather drop the project and find clients where there is a mutually appreciated benefit for both – but as with many areas in life – sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs…

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  3. By Darryl Collins on


    I had agreed to make payment at end of September. Unfortunately I hadn’t counted on being out of the country until the end of the week. I believe your comments to be defamatory and would ask that you remove them immediately. I will be making the payment later this week on my return. I am sorry you have acted in this way.

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  4. By Barry Adams on


    You may be sorry I published this, but I am sorry you haven’t paid me in over 10 months. Actually ‘sorry’ hardly begins to describe it.

    You had agreed to pay me, at long last, at the end of August – I can show you the entire email conversation if you so desire, should your memory prove unreliable.

    I cannot defame you by making factually accurate statements. Nothing I have said here is inaccurate – everything is true. This blog post will stay up on my site until I have been paid. Then I will delete it.

    I look forward to resolving this quickly, after 10+ months of waiting. I hear BACS payments are nearly instantaneous these days…

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  5. By Darryl Collins on


    I have retread what you have written. Leaving out the value of a generic report, there are serious inaccuracies in this post. You were hired by Gingerparts so reference to Banjax is clearly intended to be applying damage by association. At no time was any mention of an accountant made by me. I am an investor in Gingerparts and was not in day to day control of the company until recently, contrary to your post. I recently had to step in when the founder of Gingerparts left and I have been confronted with a number of matters, such as your payment, that hadn’t been dealt with that I was not aware of. I am in the process of a necessary restructuring of Gingerparts at the moment so in some aspects my hands are tied e.g. I am unable to put any more money into the company until the former partner’s position has been concluded satisfactorily to me – it still hasn’t unfortunately. I had planned to make an exception in your case but being out of the country has interrupted that plan as I explained to you in an email. Aside from the inaccuracies in your post I also believe them to be defamatory and calculated to do the most damage to me possible. Your threat by email, which I just received today, to ensure this post get wide circulation compounds the defamation I believe intentionally.

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  6. By on

    @Darryl – I think you made a mistake in the last sentence of your first comment….
    ….Shouldn’t you have said “I’m sorry I’ve acted in this way”?

    By the way, its not defamatory, you probably meant slanderous.

    Even that wouldn’t apply on the basis that Mr. Adams probably has records of previous communications on Linkedin or by email that substantiate his claims.

    Pay your bills, don’t mess people around, and this kind of stuff doesn’t happen.

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  7. By Barry Adams on

    Darryl, I repeat there are no inaccuracies in my post. Truth is not defamatory (if it was we wouldn’t have a press to speak of). I’m not making any threats – simply stating facts.

    I find it very hard to believe you were ‘unaware’ of my outstanding invoice, considering the emails and phone calls we’ve exchanged over the past 10 months. I’ve kept all of the emails, of course, in case you need a reminder of exactly what you have said and when.

    It’s very easy to resolve this: pay me the £500 you owe me, as agreed. This post will then disappear and we can both continue onwards without hassle. That’s not a very difficult decision to make, is it?

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    AMEN to both Martin & Barry – ” Sorry” is totally missing which speaks volumes. Any issues associated with former/latter/previous/otherwise/ex etc are irrelevant as the invoice is to the company not the person.

    The Black and White is ‘agreed terms’ to X by X and no complaint at the time or a dispute of the invoice or service = required to pay.

    Small Claims tend to agree – doesn’t cost that much and only needs one email with the slightest hint of intention to pay but it sounds like you have an inbox full!

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  9. By on

    It always amazes me when companies mess up, and get defensive and refuse to apologize. Why is the attacking of the post the first response? We get it, you don’t have the money to pay, but the excuses, ignored emails and phone calls is what really irks people. What Barry describes is all to common in web design and seo work. I have had a few clients stiff us. The amazing part is they, neglect to change the FTP access. A vindictive person could easily add a noindex code and wipe out an entire website. This post is my favorite example of negative seo. Rank for a person and company’s name. Why is “Sorry” the hardest word?

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  10. By on

    From what I’ve read in the comments as well as the original piece it sounds as though excuses are still coming thick and fast. There’s no excuse for not paying, and in reality to say it’s £500 is an insult to Barry to begin with.

    Now, I’m not usually one to hold a grudge myself but in some extreme cases I’ve heard of work being “un-done”. Not sure if that’s a possibility, and before you read that as “blackmail” let me explain why it isn’t; You made a mutual agreement to pay for work, the work was done and the payment wasn’t made… Therefore, what is the reason to keep the work there if no payment is expected…?

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    @Barry – I’ve been burned by this same kind of thing from other companies in the past. The hard lesson I learned is for any seo audit you do, charge them 1/2 up front to get started, then when you are finished, bill them for the second half, and explain to them that they don’t get the report until payment is received.

    It might help in warding off those who are going to be problematic no matter how much value you provide.

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    For Barry, he can not undue Darryl Collins’ audit. So that is not an option. I think this is the best option as I highly suspect that Barry is not alone and others may come forward with the same complaint(s). That has been my experience with the company I am dealing with now. Barry’s piece may encourage others to come forward and then Darryl could have a bigger mess on his hands. If Mr. Collins has any proof to refute this claims, now would be the best time to present it. You can email me directly with said proof.

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  13. By Niamh Tylor on

    Northern Ireland is too small a place for companies to behave like that. Totally disgraceful for you not to be paid. It’s an insult, if anything. And not to say sorry is one of the biggest mistakes any business can make.

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  14. By on

    For my last audit, I charged the full amount upfront, explained the reasoning for that to the client, and she had no problem with it. As everyone says, you can’t take back the data once you’ve delivered it. I used to charge 50% upfront but that backfired and after having several bad experiences having to hassle people for money for months, I decided that without full payment upfront for services like that, I’m just going to say no.

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  15. By on

    @daryll there’s a strong whiff of something round here. Just glad you weren’t one of my clients. Save the money you’d waste on trying to sue for defamation, and hand it over to him for f#$/ sake.

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  16. By Darryl Collins on

    Folks, this will be my last post on this matter. Barry knows he will be paid by gingerparts. He also knows I am overseas at the moment and can’t do anything about it. He knows that I do not personally owe him a cent. And he knows that Banjax is nothing to do with this. This is why I think his post is slanderous/defaming/libellous (a solicitor can work out which).

    I was also not in day-t0-day control of the company until very recently when the person who founded the company in which I invested left to pursue other interests. I am now in the process of considering my options including refinancing (which, on advice, is not possible until the former founder exits entirely). I have a number of matters to attend to and this will take a bit of time.

    On a personal note I think Barry’s post has been humiliating and hurtful. That’s just my opinion. I think this could have been handled easily without resort to this.

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  17. By Barry Adams on

    Darryl, stop digging your hole , and stop making excuses. My agreement was with you and Banjax, all our communication was through your Banjax email address, and my invoice too was to Banjax. I will gladly show my entire email trail to you and your solicitors to prove that fact.

    This could indeed have been handled easily, if you had simply paid me in a timely manner. Or after I reminded you about it in December. Or in January. Or on the phone in March. Or after I emailed you about it again in April, and May, and July, and August….

    But you didn’t pay. So here we are.

    Funnily enough I have been contacted by no fewer than three people in the last 24 hours, all of them having their own stories to share about how you have failed to pay them in a timely manner – or, in some cases, failed to pay them at all. I would be glad to summon them as character witnesses, should you wish to pursue this matter legally.

    If you have any sense of dignity and self-preservation, Darryl, the solution is extremely simple: just pay me the £500 you owe me. I reckon it’s a lot cheaper than extensive and widely publicised court proceedings, which I’m fairly confident I’d emerge from victorious.

    Stop faffing about, Darryl. Pay me.

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  18. By on

    “PS. I have already said sorry to Barry several times for this situation arising. And I do so again publicly” I am sorry but I am not seeing the exact phrase of “I am sorry.” Now this line is telling, ” I am now in the process of considering my options including refinancing” Why did you even mention refinancing if money to make the payment was not an issue. Time will tell if this is an isolate issue or if it affects countless others. I am willing to be it will affect many others. You have every right to be upset and hurt by this post, but this post would not exist with out your lack of payment. You are not going to generate any sympathy here, so stop trying. Pay the bill and move on. If you are able to be out of town, you have money for travel, you sure as hell have money to pay the bill.

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  19. By on

    Always wondered what would happen if you did this. A certain Edinburgh based retailer has owed me money for 4 months now. I’m considering this as a fall back.
    Unfortunately I found out after I started working with them that they tried the same with one of my friends. I’d like to make sure other companies don’t work with them and get screwed for their money.

    @chris. Where’s this site?

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  20. By Robin on

    Hi Barry,
    Sadly you are not alone in being merrily screwed over by Darryl Collins.
    Darryl approached me two years ago and asked if I would bring some ‘design flair’ to the soon-to-be-opened Gingerparts shop.
    After several face-to-face chats we agreed on a budget and work began.
    Darryl innitially didn’t trump up the materials money, only after some further discussions (mainly to do with the fact that in this society things cost money and without one the other is seldom forthcoming), did he give enough ‘to be getting on with’.

    No more money came. I had brought in two colleagues to help with fit-out, only one of whom was paid.
    Two years on myself and my other colleague are owed the guts of £2K by Darryl.
    I have visited him on several occasions in Banjax, where I am ushered into a small room well out of ear-shot of his employees, and told very eloquent tales of how there has been a delay and that we will get paid.
    In fairness he did ask for my bank details saying he could pay me in instalments. I said that a fiver every few months would not cut the mustard.
    I had my solicitor send him a letter, his response was to flatly deny any responsibility for what went on in Gingerparts.
    He would appear to be an eloquent con-artist not lumbered with conscience or guilt.
    Although I am sure it is of little solace, you are far from alone when it comes to being stewed over by Darryl Collins.
    All the best,

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  21. By Michael Murray on

    I think everyone has a guy like this on the books.

    My one is about a fortnight away from reaching the magic time of one whole year he has owed me £1250.

    Name and shame is the only way to deal with these utter cowboys.

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  22. By Chris on

    Leaving morality aside and going only from what Mr Collins has admitted himself in the comments, it would appear that Gingerparts Ltd has solvency issues:

    “I recently had to step in when the founder of Gingerparts left and I have been confronted with a number of matters, such as your payment, that hadn’t been dealt with that I was not aware of.”

    By his own admission, Mr Collins is now aware of the companies debt issue, and therefore has two options. 1 seek further finance, 2 speak to an insolvency agent.

    Mr Collins has said he is unwilling / unable to get further finance for gingerparts ltd :

    “I am unable to put any more money into the company”

    Therefore he needs to speak to an insolvency practitioner, otherwise he is trading whilst insolvent and guilty of wrongful trading.

    Mr Collins would due well to remember that if a director is guilty of wrongful trading he is liable for the companies debt.

    Now for something libellous…. The directors of Gingerparts ltd have on no less than 3 occasions tried to strike their company off, an action used for closing a non trading company without any liabilities, even though at least one of the directors was aware of the outstanding debt. (here’s the libellous part) So I would assume that they know that they have been trading whilst insolvent and are trying to avoid liquidating the company properly, as they personally would have to pay the liquidator due to lack of company assets.

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  23. By Richard Ryan on

    Darryl purchased my fathers business (I used the term ‘purchased’ in a lose context as this would imply paying the agreed amount). Needless to say that our story bears remarkable resemblance to those above except on a much much larger and more worrying scale. There is simply too much to our story to write about here but I sympathise with anyone who has not been paid no matter what the sum. It’s sad that the same business practices are still happening over a decade on…. but i’m not surprised… not surprised in the slightest.

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  24. By on

    Pissing off a good SEO is suicidal, glad you wrote this post Barry.

    I’ve had this experience at the start of my career and quickly moved to ‘payment upfront’ with every client I work with. I just don’t have the time to chase payments and cash flow can kill a freelancer. I’m also a vindictive bastard and know I would get myself in trouble if the situation arose again.

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  25. By Steve Ollington on


    Slander and libel are both forms of defamation, but as Barry has said, defamation cannot be claimed if the defamatory statements are true. As Barry has also stated, this post serves to warn others so they don’t get ripped off too… and it’s well within his rights to do that.

    By all means seek legal advice, you will have to pay for a solicitor to send letters that will be responded to with a ‘No, and here’s why’. The solicitor will then either ill-advise you and continue sending letters which will cost you more, or will tell you that there’s nothing that can be done. This isn’t to court Darryl, even if it did you’d lose and would have to pay up, with added court fees, a fine, and interest to Barry (plus solicitor fees – which you’d probably try not to pay, good luck with that).

    What will happen therefore is you will waste time and money, and the blog stays up. In fact Barry would likely become more driven for justice at this point and start creating social network pages for the same purpose, some of which are notoriously hard to get rid of under any circumstances. Next, Barry might decide to put some of his expertise into getting the post ranking top for your name and the names of your brands. Other’s on here who agree with Barry may decide to lend a hand, if even just with a couple of links. This will cost you far more than £500 Darryl.

    The way I see it you have two options:

    A) Pay the man what you owe
    B) Lube up and bend over, what’s coming might be less painful that way

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  26. By Paul Irwin on

    I am also owed a chunk of money from Darryl Collins ( Banjax Ltd ) for work on The Clandestine Motorcycle online comedy series. After too many excuses not to pay up I have resulted in going through the small claims court. I have just been notified today that there hasn’t been a response from Banjax Ltd from the letter that small claims have sent out and as the matter has now passed the return date I have to apply for a Default Decree.

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  27. By Former employee on

    @Paul That’s despicable, Banjax received grant funding from The Creative Industries Innovation Fund to produce The Clandestine .

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  28. By Anon on

    Darryl Collins is also an ‘Angel’ for the Halo scheme run by Invest NI…. I’m sure Invest Ni would love to hear about his business practices and how he can enlighten aspiring businesses with his ‘good’ practices. We had to employ a forensic accountant after failing to collect monies from Darryl and the results were truly unbelievable… Darryl is a lucky man that we made the decision to sit on the information rather than go through a long process in the courts… The advice given to ourselves by our solicitors and accountants was that it was ‘legalised fraud’ and we would need to pursue him under criminal law. ‘Facts’ show that Darryl is well versed in legal loop holes and closing businesses without getting caught as a director or avoiding his responsibilities of payment. There is also history, and often a telling lack of financial history showing that businesses under his control have been trading whilst insolvent. Apathy and mis-management by government departments has let this continue… and unfortunately its simply not worth the effort of any one individual to stop it. Perhaps however a blog like this does some justice for all those affected by Darryl.

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  29. By Another Anon on

    Darryl has also owed me money for even longer than Barry.

    I wish I had read this blog post before doing any work for him (or maybe it wasn’t actually him, merely a company that he had a passing acquaintance with)…

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  30. By Anon on

    Also owed money by Darryl Collins and Banjax Ltd. Every excuse in the book thrown at me including the fact that his dad died and how that kept him from paying his bills. How sick is that? I feel sorry for Darryl and anyone that knows him. Spread the word and keep this blog post up. Name and shame.

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  31. By Poor Freelance Designer on

    Asked me to do interface design work a long time ago for a design company he had. Never paid me, never answered my emails and avoided all calls. I have heard so many people with the same story and of his close relationships with his solicitors and accountants who keep him outta reach. Total scum bag!

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  32. By Anon former employee on

    @paul … I have a feeling that Banjax is being wound down as a company. In about 3 weeks the Facebook page will be taken down. Small claims should protect those of us he owes money to but unfortunately in this case it will just add to your debt and still not get paid. Trust me I know.

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  33. By on

    Well done Barry, I think everyone appreciates your transparency and open honesty. We all feel your frustration. Gambling the rep of your company over a £500 invoice clearly shows the mess he and the company is in.

    I got shafted over £4k earlier this year. Director of several companies using several email addresses to legally mask who the project was connected too. No pre checks, contracts and too small a deposit are all steep learning curves for me. Living abroad makes targeting him personally financially out of the question.

    Implore everyone to introduce the right contracts, keep as much comms over email and do your checks.

    If I had the balls to name and shame I would. Saving up to personally visit him in his lush Monaco abode. Introduce him to a few friends of mine.

    Darryl, just cough up and be a man. Lies lies lies dont wash. £500 is the cost of your reputation. Shame.

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  34. By Anon Clandestine Cast on

    @Barry on behalf of everyone who worked on the clandestine web series (funded by NI Screen and Invest NI) and are still owed money, we’d be grateful if you would keep this blog post up until we’re paid also …

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  35. By on

    Daryll, you are nothing but a liar and a scoundrel. You owe me almost three grand for my work on The Clandestine. You gave feeble excuses to me and while you offered me installments, that was the last I heard about it. I’m still waiting for my three grand, eight months on. The Clandstine is a great series and deserves to do well. Those of us who worked hard on it deserve to be compensated for our work. You, however, deserve nothing but the comments and statements given here.

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  36. By Luca on

    I’m own £6 plus K by Banjax for working with my own equipment 1 YEAR AGO on their webserie. Two of my crew members are owned a total of £4 plus K. Wasted endless hours after emails, phone calls and lawyers trying to get what is owned for giving 1 month of my life for free to this man. He used his busy life as an excuse first. Used his dad dead as an excuse, very very poor. Not paid after winning in the small court. Put money to enforce. Disrupted my and my partners business and life for months after this.

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  37. By Luca on

    Is this simple, plain, documentable data enough and clear?
    Where the NI Screen funds / tax payer money have gone, I question?
    I will go up to the end.
    Thanks Barry.

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  38. By Anon on

    If he is winding it down he will be signing himself out as a director no doubt . The forensic accountant we hired found a worrying pattern of this just before going into administration. In one case his dead brother was left as the sole director of one of his businesses that went under, surely not an oversight. Have a look at companies house and note the number of failed returns of accounts with no explanation for so many of his companies, and there are a lot of companies! Nobody else would get away with this but he works the system like a seasoned pro. Rouge Traders should run a nice programme on him.

    Also look up the state of accounts at Blackstar when he left, or should I say ‘had to leave’. He uses this as the jewel in his CV with claims of being northern Ireland’s first million pound online company. If it were ‘a million’ in profit it might be impressive but he lost peoples money then and has done so on nearly every thing he touches since. Couldn’t be happier that he is seen for what he is.

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  39. By on

    @anon with “Haters gonna hate.” comment, trolls gonna troll. I atleast use my real name don’t hid out. In fact I would be willing to bet that that comment came from a person with the initial of DC. Threatening to sue and posting silly comments doesn’t help any, it merely makes matters worse. I can fill a whole page with silly comments made by employees and companies that have backfired. As long as this post is viewed as joke and is treated as such, it will continue to haunt Mr. Collins. I almost wonder a what point Barry will decided he will refuse to take this post down. From somebody that has spent the past 4 and a half months sticking it to a nasty company, trust me there will come a point where Barry will not only refuse to take this post down, he might even set up an entire Darrylcollinssucks site too. I assure you that would be an easy term to rank for. The clock is ticking, will Darryl do the right thing or will this continue to get uglier?

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  40. By Anon on

    I will pay the £500 personally to have it stay up… And I mean that. This is a service to other people who will get conned out of their money otherwise. Keep it up and do the right thing.

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  41. By on

    Wow, I just had an email from Darryl. I wont offer my opinion and thoughts about it, I’ll let you read it instead…

    “I just read your comment on that blog post and wanted to send you a note to say how truly sorry I am that you feel like that.

    I understand it and I know you don’t know the full circumstances behind these circumstances. I had worked with Joe to create, finance and produce the show, but unfortunately the final bit of funding did not come in leaving me with a great show but not the last bit of finance.

    Also unfortunately all the things we have tried to close this gap have not succeeded including attempts to sell the show. Maybe it can still happen, but I can’t bank on it.

    I am sorry.”

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  42. By Richard Ryan on

    Thats all and fine Darryl but what happened my fathers money and all the broken promises, and everyones else’s money for that matter that they say in this blog that you helped yourself to? Do we all get a personal apology, because 11 years on my family thinks its severely overdue. I think this blog says everything there is to say and we are all ecstatic that people have come forward to tell their stories. People can hide behind clever legalities for so long but eventually they will be exposed. Feel free to look me up at DRINKSOLOGY if you want to offer my family the long overdue apology, the number is on the website. Im in no doubt however that you will not.

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  43. By Former Employee #2 on

    Former Employee #1


    They were well short of their original target and mysteriously cancelled the campaign with only days to go and then set up a new page asking for only a few K this time.

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  44. By Ian Palmer on

    I didn’t know that, I wasn’t following the page itself, just the twitter feed which announced it go to it’s funding amount. It also had funding from Northern Ireland Screen. Sadly they received all the money when a few of us approached them to try and stop them giving away public money to this man.

    The funniest bit is that the sponser, Ginger Parts, is (was?) also owned by Darryl. If one of your companies sponsoring another doesn’t sound really dodgy then I don’t know what does.

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  45. By Neil on

    Well done Daryll, this topic is currently being shared all over Facebook. Soon many more people will know you for the complete chancer that you are.

    Share this far and wide people, let this con artist be shown for what he is!!

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  46. By Ian Nugent on

    “On a personal note I think Barry’s post has been humiliating and hurtful.”

    Did you really say that, Darryl?

    Boo hoo. Dry your eyes, wind your neck in, and pay your damn bills.

    I’d offer to give you that advice for free, but there doesn’t seem to be much point in charging you.

    Your heavy handed threats to Barry would maybe mean something if you had a case, but he hasn’t been defamatory in the slightest. Not when he’s just stating the facts of your remarkable system of payment. Defamation (or libel, or slander) can only occur if the statements in question are false. Hypothetically you could maybe push it with a sympathetic court if I called you a lying cheating weasel, but since I’m only using a hypothetical example, that’s not really going to fly.

    You have lied to me and to Barry at the VERY least. You told me I’d be paid by the end of February 2013 – you told Barry he’d be paid by the end of August this year. For work completed last autumn. Neither of us are paid. I know there are other unpaid people.

    Catch yourself on.

    It is possible you don’t want your dirty laundry aired in public, but if you want to take your dirty laundry through the ringer of the courts, good luck .

    By the way, I’m not commenting here just for sport; there’s a lot of people who give their services in this industry on good faith (which you’ve used up) or at a reduced rate on the promise of more work – like Barry and I. At the very least, I don’t want more people to get suckered by you. We all work bloody hard, and we all need and deserve the money. It’s a tough enough industry without you exploiting everyone you unfortunately meet along the way.

    Since you’re buried in unpaid bills to all sorts of people, I’ll give you a clue – I’m still owed £1500 without interest for my considerable work on The Clandestine a year ago. You surely must remember, what with the phone calls, the emails, the constant reminders …

    Do take note though, others need paid before me.

    Barry, thanks for putting your head above the parapet, but you’re by no means on your own. I’m sorry to hear you got stroked too.

    Darryl – this mess isn’t going to go away. You know what to do to fix it.

    Reply »

  47. By Robin on

    It saddens and infuriates me in equal measure that so many talented, professional and dedicated people have been treated in such a callous and disrespectful manner by Darryl over the years.
    I personally know several of the people who have commented on this blog, illustrating just how small Northern Ireland is, and the importance of making information like this publicly accessible. Had I know that my experience with Darryl was not an isolated incident, I could have at least warned others not to become involved.
    This blog is important, as it offers an opportunity for the numerous professionals that Darryl has bamboozled over the years to be heard. Hopefully prevents many more from being taken advantage of in future.

    Reply »

  48. By Kris Byers on

    Thanks for sharing this info Barry, a good friend just text me this link. Ive also been screwed over in the past, not by the same guy/company but in a similar manner. Sorry to hear of your bad experience but as Robin (above) said Northern Ireland is too small to treat creatives like this.

    We all should pull our skills together and create a local site/blog for this great information – is available to register.

    Well done on posting this and hope you guys get what you are owed.

    Reply »

  49. By Colm on

    I put in quite a bit of freelance work for the Clandestine over a period of months, occasionally in the Banjax office itself. With no other source of income at the time, I was actually losing money by working, and was forced to pay constant late charges on bills and rent whilst waiting for Darryl’s payment. To be fair, I did receive some amount of money early on, but to this date I’m still owed around £500.

    I’ve tried emailing, calling and applying for an industrial tribunal, with little success. Since I was freelance and not technically an employee of Banjax Ltd, Darryl claims there is no record of me ever working for him.

    I don’t know the full circumstances behind the lack of payment so I’m not going to make assumptions, but judging by the amount of people still owed money from Banjax (with some Clandestine crew owed thousands), it doesn’t look like this will be sorted out any time soon.

    Reply »

  50. By Luca on

    “I had worked with Joe to create, finance and produce the show, but unfortunately the final bit of funding did not come in leaving me with a great show but not the last bit of finance.”

    It’s a lie.
    I personally spoke many times with the head of funding. Banjax got up to the last bit.
    Don’t abuse of Joe with this. You also ruined our working relationship.

    I’m going all the way down, I won’t stop until justice is done.

    Reply »

  51. By Rutilio on

    Darryl, you should live here, in Italy.
    It’s plenty of people like you, that’s why we are famous to be one of the best places in the world to live. Fast payements and honest people is everywhere here. Just like you! Hope you’ll spend in medicines all the money you stolen to the people.

    Reply »

  52. By on

    Hi guys,

    I’ve been reviewing this thread with increasing interest — whilst I can understand the viewpoint of both Mr. Collins and Mr. Adams, I also think that the spark of response from various parties makes it clear that this not an uncommon issue in Northern Ireland.

    As part of the Nolan Show team, I think this story would make for interesting debate. Should any of you wish to talk further, please contact us at and if you are directly affected by the matter please specify your relation to Mr. Collins and you could be asked to tell your story live.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Jane Andrews

    Reply »

  53. By Richard Ryan on

    @Jane Andrews
    We have a lovely box of evidence that substantiates the above and also a lot more that would be even more interesting with regards to funding matters. Email me at and I will arrange to speak. Trust me when I say its worth it. This needs to be stopped.

    Reply »

  54. By on

    I know this is unrelated to financials, but I remember back between 2007 & 2009 when I was an IMD student at the University Of Ulster, Daryl posted a generalised review of all the students portfolios in my year, slating their work.

    This was damaging to the confidence of a lot of students, that a supposed professional recognised their work as being poor, an apology later came but its just another example of how unprofessional this man has acted in the past. He managed to agitated almost 150 pupils and plenty of lecturers and senior staff

    Reply »

  55. By Stephen Stewart on


    You are right, your comment is unrelated to the subject.

    That HTML validation report of IMD final year student portfolios carried out by Banjax in ’08 was not Darryl’s responsibility, it was mine, and it has nothing to do with the issue here.

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  56. By Stephen Kinkaid on

    Speaking personally I have known Barry for a year or so now in a professional capacity and found him to be highly respected, and trustworthy. When he does blog it always makes a lot of sense and I find myself thinking ‘Yes! What a guy!’

    His post on web hosting and how a host should handle bandwidth issues for instance is the perfect example of why i wish Barry worked for us! Always makes perfect sense and a very genuine person.

    Just felt I needed to come in on this in support of Barry – I know many others have as well but just wanted to give my tuppence worth :)

    Reply »

  57. By Barry Adams on

    I really appreciate the comments on here and all the support I’ve received the past few days, this is much bigger than my measly few quid I’m owed and I’m glad so many people have come forth to share their own stories.

    I do want to ask everyone to keep it polite and not make this devolve in to personal attacks. That would only detract from the genuine issues we are addressing.

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  58. By on

    I’m delighted to see this page so active.

    I’m one of the parties Darryl owes money to. By our calculation at LEAST £20,000 is owed to people from The Clandestine web-series project alone (Part funded by Screen NI). Worth pointing out the sponsor of the project was gingerparts, a company Darryl has a financial interest in to the best of my knowledge.

    I pointed this out to Andrew Reid from Screen NI, but he failed to respond.

    We discussed doing this a number of months ago before the lawyers/debt collectors… but never did. Well done Barry. Thanks.

    Reply »

  59. By John on

    Whilst I cannot speak for everyone I employed this guy and received a fair service. Was it the best customer service I ever experienced? No. Was it the worst? Not at all.

    I got a decent service for a fair price that I was happy with. Would I use him again, maybe. I just feel there are two sides to every story.

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  60. By Eoghan on

    Darryl Collins is a crook. I made the mistake of doing business with him many years ago and sorely regretted it.

    Barry, do not remove this post please. I will also happily personally pay your bill.

    I’m not sure if this is feasible or possible in Northern Ireland, but there are enough people here to warrant pooling their resources to bring Darryl to court. Barry at least will need some support—he can expect to start receiving threats from Darryl’s solicitors on Monday.

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  61. By Anon on

    Hi Darryl

    Just got some lovely information today about monies you withheld from a local Charity. Im not going to name the charity name but just to jog your memory you were placing adverts on their behalf and agreed to give them back the equivalent of the charity discount as a donation (Newspapers offer discount to charities for the placement of advertising) . Do you remember personally authorising the staff not to give them the payment? To jog your memory further it was for exactly £5916.00.

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  62. By Anon on

    I’ve done a bit of research on his companies.

    Banjax Limited
    I’ve listed below a breakdown of their shareholders. As you can see, Darryl Collins has a controlling interest in the firm.

    Darryl Collins – 51.48%
    Stewart Alastair Mcilwain – 23.66%
    Richard John Morss – 17.92%
    Dale Newton – 3.60%
    Aisling O’brien – 3.34%

    As you can see, Darryl Collins does hold shares in the company. However, he is listed as a Director.

    Nicholas Long – 100%
    Darryl Collins – 0%
    Dorothy May Kane – 0%

    I’d recommend you approach his business partners and see whether they can help you.

    Other information
    He has held directorships at a total of 17 firms.
    More information:

    P.S. Why not also message him publicly on Twitter? He seems to be followed by some pretty high profile people including Richard Branson,
    Darryl Collins Twitter Profile:

    Reply »

  63. By Anon on

    @ Gareth

    I understand that it’s best if everyone puts their name forward but remember that some of us have experience of this mans reaction when we have been in righ before. Many of us have personal stories but we can be sure that much of the hard evidence has disappeared. Personal knowledge therefore is great to impart in this context but is not something we would be foolhardy enough to think that Darryl wouldn’t see an opportunity in pursing, no matter who was speaking the truth. I for one will not be giving him any opportunity to dishonestly benefit from me again. Very happy to pass on what I have should this be taken further.

    Reply »

  64. By Gareth on


    If what you claim is true then you have nothing to be afraid of. Pretty simple no matter what way you choose to look at it.
    Man up or man off. I’m not taking any side here just want to see a troll free thread.

    Reply »

  65. By Anon on

    @ Gareth

    with respect you have no idea of what information we have and to whom it has been passed. The purpose of this blog post is not to give DC a platform to personally attack people but rather to stop the wrong doing by hopefully opening lines of enquiry for the relevant authorities and funding bodies. If you sympathise with DC’s cause that is fine, but please post with relevant details as to your positive experiences so that the balance can be redressed. Please also note the number of different people who have posted and prefer to stay anonymous, this in itself says a lot.

    Reply »

  66. By Barry Adams on

    @Gareth, I’m OK with the anonymous comments. Often people cannot speak on the record due to court proceedings going on, and some of the anonymous commenters have gotten in touch with me outside of the blog to show support and share their stories. I fully understand people’s need to stay anonymous online (recent news stories about what happens to our online data certainly emphasised that) and also their need to share their stories and points of view. So if people want to comment here anonymously, they’re very welcome to do so – as long as they stay civil.

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  67. By Also Anon on

    Banjax was originally an animation business. As far as I can recall Collins shafted the directors and they all left.

    He used to own a company called Blackstar.

    Is NI Screen aware that he doesn’t pay his bills and does he have any judgements against him? I thought that Government won’t pay out grants and money to businesses with judgements against them. I heard that NIScreen has been handing out money to his businesses like confetti for years. It would be interesting to FOI NI Screen, DETI, InvestNI, DCAL Etc etc on all his companies and his name to see what Government monies he has got in the last 15 years. One of his past employees told me they heard him boast that the top brass in NI Screen are afraid to say no to him.

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  68. By Also Anon on

    If Northern Ireland Screen are aware of this then what exactly are they going to do about it? Funny how Mr Collins used to be one of the directors of Northern Ireland Screen. Could they perhaps be covering for him? Darryl will likely be winding down Banjax Ltd shortly and as usual he’ll get away scott free hiding behind yet another company. However, if he has submitted inaccurate budgets to NI Screen for the Clandestine project then this could be considered fraud. This information needs to be passed on above and beyond Northern Ireland Screen, to government funding bodies, Minister of Culture etc. Do not let him get away with this.

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  69. By Luca on

    @ Also Anon, that’s exactly what I have been suggesting. To write a group letter to the Government. If they don’y move then, it can become even a bigger thing through the press.
    The rabbit will come out from the hat, doesn’t matter if it takes years, someone or someones will pay for this.

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  70. By on

    I’m the founder of the website that was mentioned in the first comment on this post.

    I can’t help in this instance, but what I have built is indeed a place for freelancers and small business owners to anonymously share information about when they get paid by business customers versus agreed terms. I am looking for more beta-testers, so please do get in touch through the website if you’re interested. I’m not about blacklisting – just trying to improve the way companies treat their suppliers by bringing transparency to payment behaviour.

    Barry – I don’t think anyone else has mentioned this, but are you aware that you are legally entitled to charge your customer a Late Fee, which is 8% above base rate + compensation? I wrote a blog post about it here:

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  71. By Frank on

    I have been trying to get hold of Gingerparts now for 2 weeks. I bought a part of their website. Quick enough to take the money i even paid for quick delivery 3 weeks ago!!!
    Still havent received it!!! And can i get them to respond to my mail message or trying to contact them by telephone. NO!! The numbers i have are 01732 351075 and 02844821828. Neither one of them is working. On their website i have mailed them a few times and there is never a “online help chat” operater available.
    Does anybody have a contact number for them. Lot of money paid, no satisfaction or part received. Thank you!

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  72. By Bennett Warden on

    Hi to everyone in the same boat as me. I am the lead character in The Clandestine, and like so many others here, guess what? Mr Collins has NOT paid me either. Not only has this left me out of pocket, it has damaged my reputation on other projects. Many, many people who generously gave their time to The Clandestine, and at considerably reduced rates, are still owed money by Mr Collins. However, because my name is first on the credits, it is often assumed that I have been “looked after”. I then find myself explaining myself to total strangers that I have been hoodwinked just like so many others.
    Please keep the interest in this link alive. I have just looked at the lovely house Mr Collins has for sale, and I wondered, how many of the people he owes money to own a £397 000 house?
    Also, I have contacted The Nolan Show and I encourage everyone else to do the same. This man is a thief and a conman. There are many questions to answer here, and people like Mr Collins threaten the longevity of Northern Irelands fledgling Film Industry.


    For everyones information I received this in the post
    DATE: 26th September 2013
    VENUE: Offices of McKeague Morgan & Company, 27 College Gardens, Belfast BT9 6BS
    TIME: 11:00am

    I suggest as many of us as possible be there.

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  73. By anon on


    just out of curiosity, has anyone on The Clandestine been paid?

    Assuming NI screen would ve agreed to fund the project on the basis of a sound business plan only one would have to wonder where the monies went…

    Reply »

  74. By Colum on


    I know of two crew members who were paid (one was paid a very small amount) and I believe a portion of the cast.

    I know most of the crew weren’t paid.

    I know a portion of the cast are owed money.

    I know the lighting equipment has not been paid for either.

    … Its a mystery where this money went. Conservatively there’s an absence of at least twenty grand…. Probably much, much more.

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  75. By Some fun reading... on

    For anyone planning to attend on the 26th and who – like me- is not too versed in insolvency matters:

    The Department of Trade and Enterprise has a little guidance of what happens on the meeting on the 26th:

    Full details on The Insolvency NI Order under which the meeting is held can be found here:

    There is also good guidance on Scottish CVLs. The legislation might differ from the Northern Irish order but the guide outlines process in slightly more palatable matter than the above legislation:

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  76. By Gary Parker on

    I have been reading this blog with interest I dont know This guy but I can feel the collective frustration. Why do you all not agree to write seperate letters of complaint to NI Screen stating clearly what has happened and copy the letters to the CEO of INI and the Minister of DCAL. I am sure they will have to respond to you. Make sure that you all put you letters and responses on this blog to ensure that everyone has access. If nothing else it will at least bring attention to the scoundrel. The other option is to ask the Nolan Show to investigate. If he can help little old ladies v the Housing Executive etc. I am sure that he can help. I am sure that NI Scren are obliged to undertake ongoing reviews of all of the taxpayers money that they have provided. Good Luck.

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  77. By Also Anon on

    @Bennett Warden @Barry Adams

    Good luck with getting any money back now. I am guessing that anything worth anything (assets) will now have been stripped out of the company and are ready for next business eveloution.

    I am not sure if it applies in this case but maybe worth a shot. If you have any evidence of mis management, under hand shenanigans or trading while insolvent then sent it to DETI to investigate. I found this Disqualification Section on their Website.

    Any how ….I am guessing that this blog and everyones experiences with doing will make people avoid him like the plague in the future.

    P.S Mr Collins stated in his post “Banjax is nothing to do with this”

    Check out page 3 of this document. It states clearly that Web Strategy, Design and software development agreement is with Banjax Limited.

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  78. By Colum O'Dwyer on

    Certainly be worth while but we have months worth of correspondence between us (not specifically me but my friend who also worked on The Clandestine) & NI Screen.

    They’re fully aware but are unable to do anything, they claim. We were in touch before they paid the final instalment of money to Banjax, who never passed on any of this money to us.

    Certainly seems worthwhile going to Governmental bodies further up the line and of course the Nolan show.

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  79. By on

    I love posts and the subsequent comments that follow like this. Once you’re outed there’s nought to do but fess, up, apologise and pay up. Otherwise all your skeletons come out of the closet.

    Seen it so many times. Sigh.

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  80. By Anonymous on

    That Slideshare presentation (from April 2013) is very interesting.

    Slide 12 also lists Darryl Collins as “Executive Chairman” — i.e. one who *is* involved in the day-to-day management of the company (as opposed to a Non-Executive Chairman who would simply be a board member). Darryl’s comment “I am an investor in Gingerparts and was not in day to day control of the company until recently” isn’t entirely inconsistent with that, but seems designed more to disguise the truth than reveal it.

    More interesting still is the note on Slide 2 that Banjax Ltd have a convertible loan. Slide 11 says that their investment is £100k (A significant proportion of which I suspect is “in kind” for Darryl’s involvement, rather than a cash investment). Making it a convertible loan neatly hides the practical details of ownership . So although the claim is that Nick Long owns 100%, it would be interesting to know what Banjax’s stake actually is. In theory that could be an interesting question for the liquidator, but in practice if it’s not obvious that there are any assets there, it’s likely to be largely ignored, unless any of the creditors of Banjax push the liquidator to dig more deeply into it…

    Reply »

  81. By Also Annon on

    @ben It looks like he should have been outed for his business practices years ago. I am guessing that this is only the tip of the ice berg. “The Power of the Internet” I see it is ranking number 1 in the searches. Well done @barry Adams. Caught for the bargin price of 500 quid.

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  82. By Anon on

    Obviously Mr Collins is tracking all of the pain and misery that he has caused everyone over the years with great interest. I see that he is trying to cover his tracks. The content is now removed and is no longer available on the slide share link above.

    When you google this blog two rogues gallery photos of him come up. I wonder how long it will take him to have mug shots removed


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  83. By Anon on

    Who is attending this Banjax insolvency meeting on Thursday? Looks like Darryl will be there so hopefully all our questions will finally be answered.

    Reply »

  84. By Anon on


    DATE: 26th September 2013

    VENUE: Offices of McKeague Morgan & Company, 27 College Gardens, Belfast BT9 6BS

    TIME: 11:00am

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  85. By on

    Good luck everyone…
    After reading this post and the comments, I count myself very lucky. I am only owed £150 from Gingerparts (and have been for over a year now).
    When this post first appeared (thanks Barry) Darryl Skyped me to say that he had my invoice and he would pay me soon. When I pressed him for an exact time scale he said ‘a couple of weeks’.
    I can only assume that I am never going to get this money now, but I’d be interested to hear how you all get on at the insolvency meeting.

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  86. By Anon on

    Well I guess he’s right. Anyone who ever did business with Darryl Collins is an ‘idiot’. I certainly feel like one. After lying through his teeth for years it sounds like he’s finally lying to himself and his family to help them sleep at night. Poor Darryl. Haters gunna hate.

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  87. By AlsoAnon on

    Squandering public money from NI Screen. Darryl I think you’re the idiot if you think this is going to go away any time soon. They’re onto you mate.

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  88. By Ian Nugent on

    Any creditors wishing to go to tomorrow’s insolvency meeting for Banjax – it has been relocated from McKeague Morgan & Company, 27 College Gardens to the Wellington Park Hotel. Still at 11am.

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  89. By Barry Adams on

    I think that Quora answer, which indeed shows all the signs of having been written by Darryl, showcases staggering amounts of cognitive dissonance… Darryl truly seems to believe it’s not so much his own fault as it is everyone else’s. Goes to show how far the human mind can go in rejecting reality, enabling some people to live in their own impenetrable bubbles of delusion.

    Anyway, I shall be at the creditors meeting this morning, hope to see some of you there.

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  90. By Barry Adams on

    The meeting was fairly basic. To be honest this was the very first creditors meeting I’ve ever been to so I don’t have any previous experience to compare it to, but it seemed a rather dull affair except for when Bennett brought some life to the affair by asking some very pointed questions of Darryl, which I think is fair to say were not adequately answered to anyone’s liking.

    The paperwork is also exceptionally dull reading, and I will honour the confidentiality by not revealing anything it says. Suffice to say I take some issue with the story Darryl has crafted to explain Banjax’s downfall, and that it looks extremely likely that none of the rather lengthy list of creditors is likely to get paid.

    Reply »

  91. By AlsoAnon on

    Was anything mentioned in regards to the money used from Invest NI / Northern Ireland Screen? Despite Banjax’s downfall, that was public money that was clearly misspent. Still an idea to chase that up with the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL). Are Northern Ireland Screen following this up or do they turn a blind eye when their former directors and current staff are personally involved in a project?

    Reply »

  92. By Anon on

    In a winding up, the liquidator has to make a report on the conduct of the directors, which is used to see if they should banned from being directors again. It might be useful to get some of the complaints on the record there, especially if they show a pattern.

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  93. By IamAnon on

    This man is a weasel. I luckily didn’t do business with him about 8-9 years ago. I did a bit of background on him at that time and was advised to walk away. Quote as “there is not a truthful bone in this guys body”. This blog has been a long time coming in my opinion. I feel sorry for everyone that has been shafted by him. The quora blog is laughable it’s his usual attemp to weasel out. He has always been a self publicist but this “Bullshit” takes the biscuit. Keep an eye out for his next business shame. At least everyone is now pre warned.

    Reply »

  94. By Luca on

    We def need to get the Government involved in this, check were the pax payer money went.
    Is Nolan still looking into it?

    Reply »

  95. By Stuart Manning on

    Just a quick note. Alot of people forget that Darryl did alot of good for small businesses over the years.

    It’s unfortunate that Banjax got to where it got, and I don’t wish to comment on the downfall of Gingerparts other than it was a RISK and it’s now left a lot of people hurt.

    It’s not the first business to fail leaving debt, we have all been there and had to suffer.

    What I would say, is that Darryl to more than his credit has stood in and personally helped many start-ups both financially and time-in-kind. From sponsoring events to helping people get bootstrap funding with no returns.

    It’s a pity this thread was not populated with the positives. And those who don’t have the courage to post their own names and speak with anonymity; Well I guess you have something to hide.

    Barry, I deeply respect your reasons for this most well structured post. Indeed it takes a deliberacy and level headedness to construct this post based on a most exhaustive, potentially stressful and exhausting turn of events. I’ve been where you are for much larger sums of money and it painful when it hits your pocket as a individual. Worse when you have to gamble legal fees to reclaim amounts.

    What I don’t understand, and I’m sorry if I missed this; why you didn’t try small claims court first before creating this wordpress post?

    I have to admit, I’ve also named and shamed in the past. What I would add is you have to gamble on the final result. Who’s name you tarnish & how it will affect you and your business reputation in the future.

    I do hope you find the solace due. And maybe now this thread could be closed.

    Best of luck.

    Reply »

  96. By Barry Adams on

    @Stuart; thanks for your comment. First, I don’t think people who comment here anonymously have anything to hide. I’m a firm believer in freedom of speech, and I fully acknowledge that such freedoms require anonymity in many cases (especially in the UK where libel laws are particularly draconian). Anonymous comments do not in any way indicate the commenter has anything to hide – it merely indicates a prudent level of identity protection. Something which I, as a rather vocal Dutchman, are less encumbered with.

    Second, I thought the small claims court would present an awful lot of hassle compared to the alternative scenario, which I fully expected to be a blog post with a shelf-life of around 24 hours. I expected Darryl would owe up quickly, pay me, and I would take the blog post down. Suffice to say, that did not come to pass. And now that Banjax has gone in to voluntary liquidation, any small claims effort would be entirely futile anyway.

    Third, I commend your defense of Darryl and recognise that he has contributed in meaningful ways to many other organisations. But, at the same time, you should recognise from this comment thread that Darryl’s misdeeds have a long and colourful history, and that this deserves to be public knowledge.

    I don’t see why this comment thread needs to be closed, as I feel this blog post and the subsequent comments are in the public interest, and as such should remain open for the foreseeable future.

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  97. By Colum O'Dwyer on

    @Stuart, the resentment, disappointment and anger regarding recent dealings with Darryl is likely to come from the fact myself and my coworkers were lied to in a proofable and concrete way by Mr. Collins.

    Businesses fail, sure, such things happen but one hopes that the person who owes you money is both honest and honourable. This was not the case in recent months.

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  98. By Anon on

    Manning defending Collins! I’ve seen it all now. 2 con artists and bullshitters extraordinaire, well matched.

    Reply »

  99. By Anon Anon on

    Well Barry – since you understand, justify and allow anon’s to post – here goes. I’ve watched this blog for sometime.

    Barry, I’m afraid contrary to your assertion at the beginning of this blog, I do see you as a vindictive man, a fool, and quite honestly a bit of a loose canon and that’s why I am going to keep my head below the parapet. I hope you understand my decision, to remain anon, as you claim to be an advocate of free speech and recognise that “such freedom requires anonymity in many cases”.

    Quite frankly – I’m frightened of what you appear capable of doing to those who “jerk your chain”

    Let me make it clear at the start – I don’t owe Darryl Collins any favours – we crossed swords in business in the past and I am not going to say more than that – other than to say business carries risks. The greatest risk is that relationships and reputations get damaged – the risk of loosing money is small potatoes in comparison. For the record – the relationship between Darryl and myself was severally damaged.

    As way of background, I was sent the link to this blog, when it first went online, by a number of people who would be aware of the circumstances in which Darryl and I had crossed swords in the past and felt that I would have an interest in what was happening with Banjax – which indeed I do.

    But what you fail to recognise Barry, is that the link was sent to me, in the context of how you had acted to recover your debt, rather than Darryl’s business dealings or failure. “Don’t piss off a good SEO” – You’d become the story Barry and that’s why I say that I think you are a fool, not to have considered how this blog reflects on you.

    Business has enough risks associated with it, without courting additional risk, and I for one would not risk doing business with either you or Pierce Communications if this blog is an indication of the methods by which you do business. I might add that I personally know a number of the Principles / Directors of some of the Pierce Communications clients and they would be horrified at your business tactics and disbelieving of your arrogance in facilitating this blog, whilst at the same time denying that you were a vindictive man.

    To my mind, if you are capable of acting in this way with Darryl – you are capable of acting in this way with anyone you do business with ……………. or any employer you work for, or indeed anyone (like me) who crosses you. Of course, few people will say this to your face – but even those who post in your support will think it.

    And …………….. if you are foolish enough to throw the brown stuff in public – you can expect some of it to stick to you.

    The small court may may have been a hassle for you but it would have been the proper and professional way for you, and the other unfortunate folks who lost money, to attempt to recover what was rightfully due. A judgement in your favour for £20 a month would have cleared the debt to you in just over 2 years.

    There is a big difference in “can’t pay” and “won’t pay” and in many years of doing business I’ve found very few people who “won’t pay”. It is the role of the courts to form an understanding of ability to pay and to put forward a remedy, and not the function of a “online” lynch mob – which is what this blog, as facilitated by you and in the opinion of many, has descended into.

    Barry, not only would action in the small claims court have prevented a loss of your own reputation and standing in the eyes of many, but it would have offered a better chance of a positive outcome for all the creditors. I don’t know what issues lie behind the Banjax / Gingerparts financial difficulties but I do sense that if Daryll had his house up for sale, that he was a least attempting to overcome them.

    To the “green eyed” contributors to this blog, who it appears took delight in the posting of a link to the “For Sale” sign on Darryl’s home, (something you choose not to moderate) – I say shame on you all. I sincerely hope that neither you, nor any of your fellow contributors are ever faced with the prospect of a sale of your family home under duress.

    Barry you may be, or may consider yourself to be, a clever person, an SEO expert – I don’t know as I’ve never met you, but in my opinion, garnished from what you’ve written in this blog – your’re no business person.

    “I expected Darryl would owe up quickly, pay me, and I would take the blog post down” – you say!

    Really – you thought you’d be the only creditor? Or did you think you’d use your SEO skills to make yourself a preferred creditor – well what about the others who were owed money once you’d got yours? Did you really think it would be as simple as that? Would you have posted this blog to fight their case?

    I don’t think so somehow – and it is likely that the only thing this blog achieved is that it removed part of the fight in Darryl to come through his current difficulties. Had he fought on and perhaps got his house sold, or what ever else he needed to do – perhaps all the debts would have been cleared.

    But you acted it would seem because you have “a short fuse and fly off the handle fairly quickly” Such traits are the sign of an irrational and unreasonable man, someone who doesn’t think things through and I would say, you didn’t think things through and that perhaps requires some introspection.

    You haven’t got your money. You’ve damaged your own reputation in the eyes of many. You provided a uncensored platform for some who clearly have an axe to grind. You at best contributed to the decision Darryl made when he gave up the fight to save Banjax and which ultimately killed the prospect of anyone ever getting paid.

    You do, in my opinion display an astonishing arrogance when you attempt to justify your actions in a reply to a previous post when you state,

    “But, at the same time, you should recognise from this comment thread that Darryl’s misdeeds have a long and colourful history, and that this deserves to be public knowledge.

    Forgive me, but a Barry Adams rant motivated by a debt, is hardly a dispassionate forum in which to pronounce judgement on someone’s motivation, past actions or character.

    Any objective reader can see that the contributions are made up mostly from individuals who; have either lost money; are fellow SEO associates; or who, it would appear are former employees bearing a grudge. Your blog is not an objective investigation and therefore is of no worth other than to serve as a platform for some people who have been hurt in the context of this sorry affair, to vent their spleen.

    Barry, if there is a real story which goes beyond bad luck and business failure – pass the information to the Police or the Press. I do however note that the press or media, despite the claim by some contributors to have been briefed, do not seem to be running with a story.

    Alternatively, take it to the courts, or administrator where witness testimony can be tested and examined; otherwise do yourself and others a favour – move on and pull this cheap and poisonousness gossip-fest offline.

    I’m relieved that you consider yourself not to be a vindictive man and dread to think what you would be capable of if like one of your fellow contributors who openly acknowledges his vindictiveness, you considered yourself to be of a similar vindictive nature.

    Banjax is in administration. You have very publicly humiliated Darryl and if you are not a vindictive man what more do you hope to achieve by keeping this online ?

    Barry, you present yourself as a moral crusader, providing a platform for the truth to be told. I don’t know what the truth is and I suspect few of the other contributors, including you, know the truth of the matter either. Your blog does nothing to further the truth and it will be interesting to me to see if you continue to indulge yourself by hosting this blog, and if you do so, in the interests of balance, if you permit this post.

    I’m genuinely sorry that I have had to write such harsh words, but am reassured having read over what I have written, that they are mannered in comparison in what you have permitted to be written about Darryl Collins – whatever you, me or anyone else personally thinks of him.

    Reply »

  100. By Barry Adams on

    @Anon Anon: I fully expected a response like yours to emerge sooner or later. I think I know who you are, but I shan’t reveal your identity as you wish to remain anonymous.

    Just FYI: my directors at Pierce are fully aware of this blog post and the resulting fall-out, and support me wholeheartedly. The type of business people that would avoid doing business with us after reading this are, in my opinion, the type of business people we’d do well to avoid in the first place.

    In fact I have received several offers of work as a direct result of this blog post, as some people will accurately recognise this post for what it is: a necessary call for transparency, rather than the usual ‘hush hush don’t tell anyone’ Chinese whispers that pervade business dealings here in Northern Ireland.

    This blog post is not a rant – if you think this was me ranting, you should read some of my other material spread across the web. This was me being exceptionally polite and restrained.

    Darryl had already given up on Banjax as the relevant documents show he had already started the process of liquidation in August. His promise to pay me at the end of August seems to me to be one of his many mendacious attempts to avoid payment until he could wriggle out from it legally, in this case through bankruptcy.

    I am definitely not a moral crusader of any sort, and never presented myself as such. I merely provided a platform, and others have taken up the sword for their particular issues. At this stage I’m as much a passenger as anyone else.

    And just like I allow anonymous comments from people who have issues with Darryl, so too will I allow opposing views to be expressed – yours included. I, contrary to some, am not a hypocrite.

    You seem to want to paint me here as the bad guy in all of this. Yet all I did was deliver a piece of work I truly believe to be well worth the £500 I charged for it (considerably more, in fact), and after nearly a year of non-payment to write about my one-off experience dealing with Darryl. That is all.

    I did not lie, I did not cheat, I did not avoid my responsibility. So how I am suddenly the bad guy in your perspective says more about you than it does about me, I reckon.

    Also I stand by the words that I have written to be the truth as I understand it. I recognise my own perspective to be limited and incomplete, but that goes for anyone. From what we hear about Darryl, he cannot be counted on to tell the truth.

    I, however, will not be called a liar by anyone. Honesty is one of my core principles, as anyone who knows me will attest.

    Reply »

  101. By on

    I am slightly confused by the latest anon comment.

    Whilst I disagree with pretty much everything that was said, let me play devil’s advocate and assume that this was indeed the rantings of a vindictive man.

    Forgive me if I am mistaken but this website is – that sounds like a pretty personal site to me and not really immediately representing a business or industry.

    Also, from this very site’s about page “…a platform for my more outspoken blog posts that might not be publishable elsewhere.”

    So anon’s gripe is that someone posted something negative on the internet?

    Since this has never happened before I can see why they might be confused as to the best way to conduct themselves, but I fail to see why they would want to give fuel to this ‘vindictive’ person to fire back at them at his leisure.

    From what I can gather Barry hasn’t used his position either at the company he works for or his online following to spread this blog post, in fact the first I heard about it was other people linking to it – which I think shows just how much of a problem Darryl has been to so many people.

    Go again, let’s assume Barry is what is claimed by anon – what good would their comment do? Sounds to me like Anon just wanted to fire their two cents into a ‘hot’ topic and take part in what they clearly think is a bit of internet drama.

    Ironically of course it is posts like anon’s that turn things like this into drama – how I took the post (and how most that linked to it took it from what I gather) is as a concrete example of a real underlying problem in the digital industry of getting paid for work completed.

    Reply »

  102. By I am Anon on


    Your a laugh Stuart. I am sure all of the people that partnered with him in business or trusted him to pay them for work undertaken don’t see it that way. Yes, businesses do fail but these false promises and shafting decent people seem to have been going on now for years. Obviously you haven’t taken time to read the posts.

    Well done @Barry and all who have taken the time to share their experiences.

    Reply »

  103. By Another Anon on

    I would be guessing that the domains will no longer be worth a lot now. I wonder could I get a buy one get a domain free?

    Reply »

  104. By Gary on


    I wonder does Mckeague Morgan and Co know that the names are being sold. I might be wrong here but when a company goes bust I thought that all the assets including domain names are then sold and the money goes to pay the creditors.

    Reply »

  105. By McKeague Morgan & Co on

    McKeague Morgan & Co are aware that the domain names owned by Banjax Limited are for sale and will be ensuring that the advert is amended to make it clear that the liquidator is selling these assets. Should anyone wish to make an offer for any of the domain names please contact us.

    Reply »

  106. By Just one more Anon on

    @Toby Osbourn

    Toby – you say in your post of 10th Oct

    “Forgive me if I am mistaken but this website is – that sounds like a pretty personal site to me and not really immediately representing a business or industry.”

    Toby, I would like to respond to you by pointing out that this blog displays the logos and branding of Pierce Communications and University of Ulster amongst other organisations directly representing the Industry. If this was only an individual’s personal blog and nothing else, many of us would not feel as strongly as we do, that this blog reflects so badly upon the sector we work in.

    In my view Barry attempts to “big himself up” by choosing to associate his blog with many other respected organisations knowing that by association it gains him credibility in the eyes of the reader. Placing third party branding on your own website or blog carries a responsibility – a heavy responsibility to those associated organisations – a responsibility that Barry seems to fail to understand.

    Toby – you go on to suggest in reference to my previous post that I am motivated by some need to voice an opinion in that – I / they

    “just wanted to fire their two cents into a ‘hot’ topic and take part in what they clearly think is a bit of internet drama.”

    My friend,I don’t do blogging or tweeting or social – I’m too busy running and managing my business and quite honestly minding my own business to take the time to respond to a Barry Adams stunt such as this for purely self serving interests alone.

    As I have mentioned before I’m no friend of Darryl Collins – he is big enough, old enough and ugly enough to fight his own corner – Darryl’s business and Barry’s business are their own business and I don’t care to go about my life looking to interfere in other people’s business. It is a shame Barry chooses not to keep his business to himself.

    However, that said, if I were driving or walking through the streets of Dublin and saw a person lying on the ground having the “b’jesus” kicked out of them by a group of thugs, I along with most other contributors would not hesitate and ask “Is this a good guy or a bad guy – does he deserve my help”, before acting. I along with most would simply act in whatever way I could to safely intervene and bring the beating to an end, in whatever way I could.

    And I would intervene, now or in the future, as much on Barry’s behalf as Darryl’s, if the tables were turned and it was Barry lying on the floor.

    Such vicious and vindictive written assaults, as carried out by Barry and other’s on this blog become everyone’s business not only because of the intended harm to the victim, but also because of the harm such actions cause to all of us try to earn a living in this industry.

    In terms of the human storyline “online” is a new and fast changing technology but it is worth remembering some things either don’t change or change at a much slower pace. Human nature is something which appears to change at a much slower pace and “online” can reflect the best and worst in human nature.

    Barry’s blog attacking Darryl Collins reflects the worst in the human condition and displays the same mob mentality as seen throughout history in the “public” persecution of the witch, jew, protestant, catholic, black or simply the attack of a random individual selected for no other reason than they are walking along a street.

    The mob “attack” dynamic usually follows a similar pattern.

    The leader throws the first punch or pronounces the victim as being bad or having done something bad. The henchmen (often anonymously – a hooded paramilitary or Ku Klux Klan member) continue the kicking whilst seeking approval from, or waiting for, the leader to call a halt …………………… and as the assault proceeds, on occasion, it attracts and is cheered on by the Rabble (crowd) who jeer from the sidelines.

    The victim can be injured or even mortally wounded, but if they are fortunate, a passer by, a good samaritan for want of a better phrase will put themselves at risk and intervene.

    The dynamic of this online assault is no different to a physical assault in the street and there have been a couple of “good samaritans” who have tried to intervene and by doing so and revealing their own identity are braver individuals than I am. Barry’s “thugs” have turned on them for challenging the mob and the beating persists under the direction of the leader – the self righteous Barry Adams.

    Barry Adams of course denies he is the leader. Barry in a previous post states

    “I merely provided a platform, and others have taken up the sword for their particular issues. At this stage I’m as much a passenger as anyone else.”

    Such a claim in my view is as ludicrous as a Pilot announcing to his passengers – “I’m just sitting in a seat like the rest of you guys taking in the same view – the plane is not in my control”

    Make no mistake – Barry climbed into the cockpit with a self serving purpose – to put pressure on Daryll Collins and collect a debt. He then set off down the runway – performed a few stunts to draw attention to himself and collected passengers at every opportunity.

    But if we are to use the Plane analogy and accept Barry’s denial that he’s NOT the Pilot (leader of the mob) – here’s a thought for Barry!

    Barry – whilst sitting with the passengers is allowing anyone who chooses to take the controls as a hijacker or co-pilot of this post.

    When I commented in my previous post, that in my opinion Barry is a fool, I’ll expand that to include anyone who is prepared to act online without apparent consideration as to how control of their comments / images / content, once posted can easily come back to haunt them for many years to come.

    Barry is not a bad person – he claims to have integrity and to be known for his honesty and no one would question that ……………………….. but he is in my view a misguided person, who in exercising his own peculiar form of debt collection not only damages the person experiencing financial difficulties, but damages himself and the digital industry in which he works and in which he has set himself up as a self appointed champion.

    His actions are foolish in the opinion of many, his opinions demonstrate a degree of arrogance and combined make him appear to be a loose cannon with little business or commercial judgement.

    (Barry blogging and telling Google how they should be running their business when he can’t even manage his Trade Debtors demonstrates his arrogance and when at the beginning of this post he describes how (for Daryll) he discounted the industry standard terms for an SEO Audit by 75% ……………. and them claims to be insulted because the client does not value his time or expertise, highlights his lack of business insight) …………….. extraordinary!

    Toby, you conclude your post defending Barry’s actions with a closing comment suggesting Barry’s post provides,

    “a concrete example of a real underlying problem in the digital industry of getting paid for work completed.”

    I am afraid I disagree – getting paid, and paid on time is a business challenge facing most business sectors and is in no way unique to the digital sector. What is different about our sector, is the disproportionate number of individuals who set themselves up in business with little or no business acumen or professionalism. Can you imagine for example Accountants following Barry’s business tactics of naming and shaming their slow paying clients on their Company Website? What would that do for the reputation of accountants?

    And yet Barry and many other “Professionals” contributing to this post seem to think Barry’s tactics are not only justifiable but the correct way to conduct business. This is all the more astonishing when in an alternative Barry Adams post (the post in which he tells Google how they should be running their business) , Barry highlights the problems caused within the sector by the type of individual drawn to our indistry when he states the problem within Google is that it is full of Geeks. He comments,

    “The stereotype of the geek with a superior IQ yet awkward and socially-inept is based on truth. I should know – growing up, I was one of them.”

    In my view, this post shows that Barry hasn’t grown up and the social ineptitude he describes extends to his business dealings …………………. and unfortunately our sector is full of Barry’s.

    So how do we deal with the “Barrys” and their business tactics ? – I suggest we turn their tactics back on them.

    For so long as this post remains online I will draw attention to it by whatever lawful means I can, including but not limited to:

    1 – Contacting the Council of the University of Ulster asking if they are aware Barry is using the University’s branding and logo on his blog and will request that they launch an investigation to establish if Barry Adams is a fit and proper person to be given access and influence over young people wishing to make a career in the Digital sector.

    2 – Contacting drawing attention to Barry’s post and asking them to take into account Barry’s apparant lack of business professionalisim when judging the 2013 Best Blog category. (remarkably but perhaps not surprisingly Barry has been shortlisted)

    3 – Contacting all Pierce Communications clients drawing their attention to Barry’s blog and Barry’s fellow Directors apparent endorsement of his tactics. If Barry can justify this post by claiming it warns others of Daryll Collins lack of business ethics (as claimed by Barry and other contributors), by the same logic I can use Barry’s post to warn others of Barry’s lack of business professionalism and ethics as (in my opinion) is evidenced by this blog.

    I would encourage all others who disapprove of Barry’s actions to snapshot and likewise draw attention to Barry’s blog as an example of how NOT to conduct yourself in business or run a blog.

    If Barry decides to conduct his business in public – lets give Barry all the publicity he deserves.

    Reply »

  107. By Barry Adams on

    @Just one more Anon: for someone who purports to be “too busy running and managing my business and quite honestly minding my own business” you sure seem keen to waste an awful lot of words on something you admit to being a ‘stunt’.

    I must re-iterate my bafflement at your interpretation of my blog post as ‘vicious and vindictive’. Stating facts as I understand them to be true can in no reasonable person’s mind be understood to be vicious and vindictive. I am not the one who has cheated, lied, and stolen their way through 15+ years of doing business.

    I cannot help but see your continued rantings here as evidence of a profound misunderstanding of how the internet has changed business and marketing the past two decades. Would you see any individual that leaves a negative review on any platform – be it Amazon, TripAdvisor, or any personal blog anywhere – as ‘vicious and vindictive’ and demonstrate ‘the worst in the human condition’, to quote your own highly charged phrases? You seem to truly believe that everyone should keep every negative experience they ever have to themselves and just soak it up and move on.

    You would do well to understand that this is not how society works. It never has and, especially in modern times, it never will. Experiences, good and bad, are there to be shared and debated to allow people to draw their own conclusions.

    You, however, seem to fall on the side of defending bad business practices. I wonder if you are motivated by fear – perhaps you have some skeletons in your closet you’d rather not see publicly discussed, and don’t want any of your aggrieved parties to see this blog post as encouragement to do the same.

    Speaking of ‘vicious and vindictive’, your endeavours to tarnish my reputation (counter to your claim that you “don’t care to go about my life looking to interfere in other people’s business”) would most definitely be described as such. But you’re very welcome to engage on your personal crusade – a vendetta against me that is far above and beyond this single blog post and rather reeks of profound personal desperation – and waste that precious time you seem to have an abundance of on your futile rantings, as I have nothing to hide.

    I expect you shall be mostly met with indifference, polite rebuttals, or outright mockery. Good luck.

    Reply »

  108. By on

    @Just one more Anon,

    You’re an idiot. Your comments here are long, rambling, incoherent nonsense with a hint of someone who has an unrelated history with Barry and an axe to grind.

    Not only that, your comparison of Barry and others who haven’t been paid what they’re owed by Darryl Collins to the KKK, paramilitaries and thugs is ridiculous and insulting. Insulting to the people who are owed by Collins, and insulting to every innocent person who has ever been the victim of racists, gunmen and street thugs.

    Finally, if you’re too busy for blogging and twitter how do you find the time to write essays here? Where does reality end and fantasy begin for you?

    If I were to pick one commenter here who is more likely than the rest to burst into the Pierce Communications office and go postal, it would be you.

    Reply »

  109. By I am Anon on

    @Just one more Anon

    What a juvenile rant. I can’t see your logic. I am Guessing that you must be a family member or something. Lets all be clear here this guy has shafted a lot of decent people over the years and when you read the comments it is clear to see that he would and probably has shafted his granny. It’s time that these kind of people are outed.

    Reply »

  110. By Pete on

    I’m not going to respond to either side directly here, and please don’t take my comment as justification or blame for not being paid.

    I personally have provided freelance services for many clients over the last 10 years and have completely avoided late or missing payments, the solution that has worked for me is relatively simple.

    - Start small short term projects with a 50% or more deposit – people not willing to pay deposits up front usually won’t pay you anyway, so it’s simple to weed them out.

    - For longer term projects, break things down into monthly payments, if a client misses a payment, stop work immediately and don’t continue to work for them until your payments are up to date, no matter what their excuse is.

    - Don’t hand over finished work without being paid, even if a client promises to get payment sent tomorrow, don’t ever hand it over.

    I have had no problems with clients accepting these terms and if they do have alarm bells usually ring.

    Oh, and use a contract, it doesn’t have to be complex or full of legal jargon –

    I hope this advise might help some of you in the future avoid situations like this.

    Reply »

  111. By Anonymau5 on

    @Just one more Anon

    That Hitler bloke took a bit of a kicking too. Would you have had his back? Pointlessly backing a Nazi agenda just because the majority are rightfully kicking his ass?

    Sorry for the juvenile comment, just operating on your level here. Shall I get my crayons to help explain the situation?

    Reply »


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