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2013 Conference Roundup: January – June

In the first six months of this year I’ve been lucky enough to speak at a variety of conferences and events.

It started off in January with a talk at the monthly Monaghan Ecommerce Meetup, where I spoke about the future of SEO:

Fast-forward a few months to the start of conference season, and at Bizcamp Belfast I explained what Google+ is actually good for:

Then in May I was part of the Ulster Business Festival where I showed real life case studies about how good web design and SEO can help companies make more money online:

Onwards to June where I gave two talks at SAScon in Manchester. My talk about how personalised search isn’t all it’s cracked up to be seemed to be received rather well:

Finally at the end of June I spoke at the Dot Conf one-day conference in Dublin, where I ranted about where this internet thing is headed:

It’s been a busy first six months of the year, but I enjoyed it all immensely and have met a great many wonderful people at these events.

Conference season is drawing to a close so I suspect the next six months will be quieter… but then, who knows?

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