Conference Talks

Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to share our knowledge and experience at various conferences and business events around the world. Below we list a selection of past speaking engagements, with links to the presentation slides on Slideshare and video recordings where available.

To book Barry for a speaking engagement, workshop or training, please send us an email to get in touch.

Friends of Search 2021

A Deep-Dive into Technical SEO in 2021

SEO Camp Paris 2020

Tech SEO Audits that turn 2CV sites into F1 sites

256 Media Webinar

Technical SEO for Content Marketers

Pint Sized Marketing Meetup

What you need to know about Core Web Vitals

Chiang Mai SEO 2019

The Secrets to Technical SEO Success

Digital DNA 2019

From Search Engine to Answer Engine

Digital Elite 2019

How SEO for News can help all Websites

Friends of Search Amsterdam 2019

Technical SEO in the Real World

UnGagged Las Vegas 2018

Real-World Technical SEO Puzzles and Solutions

State of Digital 2018

The Web is Totally and Utterly Ruined

BrightonSEO Sept 2018

Technical SEO in the Real World

SMX Paris 2018

JavaScript & SEO - What You Need To Know

BrightonSEO Apr 2018

Technical SEO in the Mobile-First Indexing Era

Friends of Search Amsterdam 2018

Technical SEO in 2018

Marketing Business Summit Milan

Turning SEO Audits Into Real-World Profit

Pubcon Las Vegas 2017

JavaScript & SEO - The Real Problems

UnGagged Las Vegas 2017

From SEO Theory To Business Success

3XE Digital Dublin

The Future of SEO - How Technology is Changing Search

The Tomorrow Lab Presents

Improving Your SEO - Turning Data In To Actions

SEO Camp Paris 2017

Google News SEO - How Publishers Dominate Search

SEMrushlive 2016

Google AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

Introduction to Google AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages

Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

Using Google to Hack Your Site

DeepCrawl networking event New York

SEO in the age of the Industrial Internet

Swipe Summit 2016

Why I'm Fed Up With Bad Websites

Search Marketing Connect 2015

Maximising Ecommerce SEO


Silicon Prison: How technology is Building a Sanitised Society