AI and the Internet / Keyword Research for Email Marketing

My latest endeavour for the State of Search blog was not a typical SEO blog post. Instead I went in to full geek mode and wrote about one of my deepest fascinations: artificial intelligence, and how it relates to the internet in general and search engines specifically:

State of Search: Google, the Internet, and Artificial Intelligence

Google, in a way, functions like a subconscious mind. It churns away day and night, immensely powerful and capable of astounding feats of computation, yet unaware of its own existence. What Google does is throw up search results – decisions – from the vast depths of its own intricate network, which can then he interpreted and used by us, Google’s users.

I wrote a guest post for the WordStream blog where I explored the way keyword research applies to email marketing. Keyword research forms the foundation of your SEO efforts, and this is not much different for email marketing:

WordStream: Keyword Research for Email Marketing

As you can see the focus of keyword research in email marketing is more limited than that in search marketing, but it’s no less important. And you can use the same keyword research tools as you do for SEO and PPC — after all, if a particular word or phrase gathers a lot of searches, chances are it might work in an email message as well.

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  1. Barry, I would love to hear more about this, just checked out your article and email marketing can be extremely similar, when asked to SEO several pages for a client recently they also asked me to look over the newsletter, and now I have been approached by another client, looks like this is where SEO for website promotion is going.

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