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It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on my writings around the web. Due to an overwhelming workload, I’ve not had much time to blog recently.

I did manage to squeeze out a few blog posts for State of Digital, which I’ve listed here below. Plus there are some extra mentions and a podcast at the bottom:

State of Digital: #AMPConf 2018 ⚡ Key Announcements and Highlights

In February I attended the AMP Conference in Amsterdam, eager to learn more about this Google-sponsored web standard that promises to revolutionise the mobile web. Did the event succeed in convincing me? Not really.

The people behind AMP might be very excited about their technology, but it’s still mostly controlled/guided by Google. I feel your efforts are better spent on building a good website on truly open web standards, and avoid these artificial restrictions that the AMP project wants us to embrace.

State of Digital: JavaScript & SEO – The Definitive Resource List

Because there is so much confusion and uncertainty about how search engines like Google handle client-side JavaScript, I decided to compile a list of all the relevant and worthwhile resources in one place. The result is a huge list of links to official documentation, guides and explainers, JavaScript tests, and conference slides and videos.

Because there is no one single resource to send people to when they want to learn about JavaScript and SEO, I created this list of articles and resources which will be continuously updated when new content is published.

State of Digital: URLs, Crawling, and PageRank – Fundamentals of SEO

URLs are one of those fundamental aspects of the web we tend to overlook. Yet a good appreciation of URLs, and especially of how search engines engage with URLs, can make you a more informed and effective SEO. In my latest for State of Digital, I talk about several different aspects of URLs that SEOs should know about.

When you build a website’s content in a clear, navigable structure, your URLs should follow suit and reflect that structure. By creating strong parent-child relationships though URLs, you are sending powerful signals to search engines which can help your content rank better in organic search results.

Miscellaneous Mentions

Kim Gillick from wrote a solid article about SEO for startups, and was kind enough to mention me as one of four key SEOs to learn from. Go read her article here:

The folks at Silicon Republic published a piece about the 10 people you should know in Belfast’s technology scene. I was quite honoured to be on that list amidst such amazing company! Read their article here:

Dan Taylor and Adam Gent from SALT.Agency have been hosting a regular podcast on technical SEO. They asked me to be their guest for the 4th episode, and we had a great chat about crawl optimisation. Listen to the podcast here:

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