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My blog series for 123-Reg continues with part 6, in which I write about networking. I’ve realised that the best networking you can do is the kind you enjoy the most – that’s when genuine connections are made and real value can come from them.

123-Reg: Starting your own business – Part 6: Networking (the right way)

Before I started out on my own, I thought networking was a waste of my time. Precious hours spent in the company of strangers, having awkward conversations over cups of stale coffee about nothing of real importance, with the overarching aim of handing out as many business cards as possible. It’s not my idea of fun.

When I began teaching SEO, I had to think about the framework I would use to convey the right knowledge and insight to my students to make them effective SEO practitioners. I arrived at the Three Pillars model, which happens to align well with search engines’ own three main processes:

State of Digital: The Three Pillars of SEO

Each of the three pillars aligns with a search engine process. More importantly, I think it helps when a SEO practitioner understands which search engine process they are optimising for. You’ll be surprised to see how many different elements of SEO fall nicely within one of these three main areas.

These days, doing SEO without having a content strategy in place is a sure way to get nowhere. In a guest post for the Smart Business Show I outline how vital it is to have a great content strategy if you want to succeed online.

Smart Business Show: Content Strategy – The Engine of Your SEO

A content strategy really is the engine of your SEO. It affects so many different SEO signals that without it you’re really handicapped and are unlikely to succeed at all. So if you’re uncertain about what to do on an ongoing basis to improve your site’s SEO, a content strategy is the answer.

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