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My latest post for State of Digital is a beginner’s guide to measuring content engagement. This ‘unicorn’ of digital marketing can be hard to define and even harder to report on:

State of Digital: How To Measure Content Engagement

But ‘engagement’ is a fuzzy concept. What does it actually mean? I won’t attempt a definition, as I’ve no ambition of becoming wrapped up in a philosophical discussion about the precise meaning of words like ‘engagement’. Instead I’ll go the other way – I’ll offer some approaches for measuring specific metrics for your content that might, on the whole, perhaps be interpreted as an indication of ‘engagement’.

A while ago Italian SEO Guiseppe Pastore got in touch and asked my thoughts on when a SEO practitioner could call themselves an expert. He combined my answer with those from nine other industry professionals to create a nice roundup opinion post:

Guiseppe Pastore: What Makes an SEO Specialist

We can maybe look at a metric like how many years someone has worked in the industry before we give them a ‘specialist’ label, and it will be accurate to a degree. But it’s not an entirely fair assessment either – I know many young talents in SEO who are doing great work despite only having started their career relatively recently, and I also know some old-timers who are not particularly up to date with good SEO practices in the current era.

I was approached by the chaps at RankWatch to provide some answers on the current state and future of SEO. They collected a total of 25 responses from many industry leaders and created a superb infographic, complete with lovely drawn avatars of all contributors:

RankWatch: The Future of SEO – What Top 25 Experts Think

Barry Adams - RankWatch infographicClick here for the full infographic

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