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State of Digital: Stop Making Crap Websites

Despite it being an exceptionally busy period for me with work, travel, and conferences, I still managed to crank out a blog post for State of Digital in which I rant about crap websites – specifically, websites that lack any digital marketing features.

I can’t even begin to start counting the times I’ve been asked to provide digital marketing input on a newly launched website and found that the site is fundamentally flawed for SEO, let alone that it has any basic SEO features. Getting SEOs involved in the early stages of a new website project is crucial, but stating that circumvents the real issue at the hear of all this. The real issue is that too many web developers don’t see these digital marketing features as mandatory.

State of Digital: Common Crawl Errors for Google News

I’ve been working with a number of publishers recently to help with their Google News SEO, and have been digging in to the various News-specific crawl errors that appear in Google Search Console. I figured it would be worthwhile sharing some of my findings with the world:

These errors can often be quite frustrating to deal with. While Google’s web search indexer is an advanced and highly intelligent piece of software, Google’s news indexer is a very different animal. In News, Google trades intelligence for speed. Google News is all about getting the latest news to its users as fast as possible, and as a result its indexer doesn’t have the luxury of analysing an article page in detail before deciding to rank it for a given news-relevant query.

Authoritas: SEO in 2020

The folks at Authoritas asked me to provide some thoughts on where SEO is headed and what our industry will look like in 2020. The result is the video below, where I talk about specialisations within SEO, integration with the large audience platforms, and the need for clients and agencies to upskill:

It’s worth watching the other videos in the series, with contributions from Stephen Kenwright, Nichola Stott, Aleyda Solis, Eric Enge, and many other top experts.

Also make sure to check out the SEO Companies on DesignRush.

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