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On the back of my talk at Pubcon in Las Vegas, I wrote a post on State of Digital about optimising websites for better crawling by search engine spiders, to ensure the right pages are crawled and your new and updated content is found:

State of Digital: Find and Fix Common Crawl Optimisation Issues

So if your site has a lot of crawl waste, there is a strong likelihood that not all pages on your site will be crawled by Google. And that means that when you change pages or add new pages to your site, Google might not be able to find them any time soon. The negative repercussions for your SEO efforts should be evident.

A lot of digital marketers aren’t entirely clear on what an optimised page URL actually looks like, and why it’s important. I wrote a post for State of Digital explaining why optimised page URLs are important, and how you create them:

State of Digital: Optimising Website URLs for SEO and Usability

I believe the value of optimised URLs go beyond simple relevance, though. To me, a properly structured page URL will carry a range of benefits, which go beyond SEO. Website URLs are also a user experience aspect, aid in site maintenance and content management, and benefit a company’s offline marketing in very real ways.

Maximising Ecommerce SEO

In November I flew to Milan to speak at their 10th annual Search Marketing Connect conference. I was fortunate to share the stage with some of SEO’s smartest experts, such as Aleyda Solis, Jan-Willem Bobbink, and my good friend Alex Moss.

I delivered a workshop on Ecommerce SEO, and the slides are available online:

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