Dangerous Blogging / Universal SERPs

Prompted by yet another hopeless ‘SEO is dead’ article I wrote a lengthy rant for Search News Central in which I try to explain that writing such blatant falsehoods is not only detrimental to your own credibility – you’re also damaging countless businesses.

Search News Central: The Dangers in Proclaiming the Demise of SEO

It is more than just confusion though that makes this type of hyperbolic blogging and ‘reporting’ the height of irresponsibility. It is not just online marketing professionals that read these controversial articles. Inevitably this type of content will reach the eyes and ears of entrepreneurs, senior managers, and key decision makers.

I gave a presentation about SEO for Google News last week, and in my latest post for State of Search I highlighted one aspect of Google News that I mentioned in my talk: the simplicity of Google News matching for universal search results:

State of Search: Google News in Universal Search

What it comes down to is that when you manage to get a news article – be it a proper news story, a press release, or even a paid advertorial – on to a proper general news site, you’re going to be dominating the uni SERPs for that query for a couple of days.

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