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State of Digital: Tool Review – DareBoost

My latest for State of Digital is a review of DareBoost, a web performance analysis tool that boasts a range of very useful features:

DareBoost is not merely a lovechild of PageSpeed Insights and WebPagetest that’s been raised on a diet of growth hormones – it has additional features which really make it stand out from the free tools. The comparison tool especially is great, allowing you to compare load speeds of two pages side by side and giving you compared scores for both pages. This would allow you to do side-by-side comparisons of two versions of a page, or of the same page on two different servers, so you can pinpoint exactly where and why load speed delays occur.

Search Engine Watch: Google asks bloggers to nofollow links for free gifts

Search Engine Watch asked me for my views on Google’s recently emphasised guidelines about bloggers linking out to companies that they receive free products from. According to Google, those links need to be tagged with ‘nofollow’. I vehemently disagree.

This is clearly yet another case of Google wanting to have its cake and eat it too. Google makes billions from the free and open web, by using the web’s content and link graph to power its search engine. Yet at the same time Google is unwilling to put in the effort required to ensure that its search engine continues to deliver quality results. Google wants the web to police itself, so that the search engine can just chug along nicely. This is a morally bankrupt position to take.

This Week In Organic: Google’s Plans for the Right-Hand Ads

I was a guest on the March 7th edition of This Week In Organic, together with Lisa Myers from Verve Search and Erica McGillivray from Moz. We discussed Google’s removal of the right-side ads in SERPs, content marketing, and tiered linkbuilding.

You can watch the entire episode below, or read the transcript here.

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