Structured Data / Dublin SEO Summit / Part-time Jobs

In my last regular blog post for Search News Central I wrote about how over time my perspective on structured data has changed, from skeptic to fan:

Search News Central: My Changed Perspective on Structured Data

I’ve now come to believe that structured data is, in fact, the future of the internet. At some stage all websites will be made up of structured data, and this will make every bit of information published online an active node that can be tapped in to by other applications.

In September I attended the inaugural Dublin SEO summit, and I wrote a conference summary for State of Search:

State of Search: Dublin SEO Summit

The headline speaker of the SEO event was SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin, who was on a whirlwind tour of the whole of Ireland and taking time out of his schedule to perform several speaking gigs (only a few days earlier we hosted a Belfast Digital Marketing meetup for him). The afternoon’s programme consisted of four talks, saving Rand’s headline talk for last.

We’ve all seen these types of posts: What [X] Taught Me About [Y]. I think they’re horrible (with few exceptions), so I decided to write my own parody of the genre:

State of Search: What Part-Time Jobs Taught Me About SEO

I’ve done some pretty dismal jobs for rather meagre compensation, especially in the years between adolescence and university. Coming from a working class background, it was impressed on me from an early age that monetary reward would only coincide with prodigious amounts of hard labour.

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