Early Stage SEO / Interview on SEOBegin

My latest blog post for Search News Central describes the various stages of a website build process, and how ideally a SEO should be involved from the start. Often SEOs don’t get the chance to be involved with a build from the start, but when we do there is abundant opportunity to ensure the resulting website contains plenty of SEO goodness:

Search News Central: Early Stage SEO, optimising a site from the bottom-up

In the early wireframing phase the designer makes a lot of decisions about where information goes and how it can be accessed. Input from the SEO at this stage can ensure that the site’s information architecture isn’t hindered by the designer’s concepts. Usually this amounts to the SEO reminding the designer that certain functions need to have a place in the wireframe, such as breadcrumb links and a navigation that allows for easy access to the site’s money pages.

Dean Cruddace from SEO Begin is doing a series of interviews with various people in the SEO industry. I was honoured and humbled when he asked to interview me as part of that series. Here is the result:

SEO Begin: 10 SEO Questions with Barry Adams

Barry Adams is for me one of the guys I like to read up on when it comes to Google News related advice and practices, the man is very approachable and a fountain of knowledge. He writes across many sites including Search News Central, State of Search and his own Great Websites Blog. He very kindly agreed to answer 10 SEO questions.

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