Essential SEO Skills / Branded Search

Earlier this month I wrote an article for State of Search in which I outline three essential skills every (beginning) SEO should possess:

State of Search: Three Essential Skills for Beginning SEOs

The ability to think critically – to question what you read and hear, to make up your own mind based on the best available evidence, and to put everything in the right context – is not just essential for every SEO, it’s an essential skill of life itself.

My latest for Search News Central explains the potential of branded search, and how to increase search volumes on such keywords:

Search News Central: Branded Search: A Digital Marketer’s Greatest Ally

Obviously SEO might not be the ideal tactic to increase branded searches. If the site already ranks first for its own brand name, there’s limited mileage for SEO to increase traffic on those branded searches. At most what you could do is experiment with different titles and meta descriptions to see if you can improve the click-through rate.

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