Finding Feasible Keywords / Credible Web Design

This week I wrote my first post for the new Search Bloggers site. In this post I tackled keyword research and how you can decide which keywords are feasible to rank your client site for.

Search Bloggers: Finding the Right Keywords to Target [link emoved due to malware]

It often makes far more sense to target less popular long tail keywords where the query space is less competitive. Yet we don’t want to do our clients a disservice by getting them to rank for keywords that nobody searches for. The right balance needs to be struck between search volume (and thus competitiveness) and ranking feasibility. Here are some tips on how to do that.

For State of Search I wrote a short post inspired by a recent research paper I read. The paper quoted other research that shows how a website’s design impacts the credibility of the information it contains.

State of Search: Want to be taken seriously? Start by looking good

The core message we should take away from this is as follows: no matter how good your content is, if your site design sucks you won’t be perceived as a credible source. In short, you need to make sure your site is pretty. Amateurish web design doesn’t work – and now we can quote the research to back that up.

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