Free Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Social Media Marketing Industry ReportI recently wrote about social media and if it’s right for you to start using it as a means of generating more business. This week Michael Stelzner has published his Social Media Marketing Industry Report. This free report is an excellent resource for all who are using or considering social media as a marketing instrument.

The report is based on an extensive survey among social media marketing professionals, and you can distill some great insights from it that can help you determine if and how social media marketing can work for your business.

A few key takeaways from the report are:

  • Social media marketing does help with generating sales and business.
  • The most popular social media sites used by professionals are Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Doing social media marketing takes anywhere from 5 to 20+ hours a week.

The report (PDF) is very much worthwhile. Whether you’re new to social media or a seasoned pro, you’ll pick up quite a bit from reading it.

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