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Inspired by a talk by Rory Sutherland, I wrote a post for State of Digital about how getting small details right can massively boost your business:

State of Digital: Small Stuff, Big Impact – How Getting The Details Right Can Massively Boost Your Business

Often when we’re faced with big challenges on a digital marketing project, we tend to look for big solutions. I hope I’ve shown that sometimes the small stuff can have big impacts, and that you don’t need massive budgets to make strong inroads. It’s more about having the courage to do things differently than everyone else, and about connecting with your customers in a way that your rivals aren’t able to.

With the publication of a recent article denouncing the need for technical SEO, I decided to provide my own take on why the technical aspects of SEO are absolutely crucial, and how you can learn that aspect of SEO:

Learn Inbound: Technical SEO is Absolutely Necessary

So let’s be clear once and for all: technical SEO is absolutely necessary. Now if you’re an SEO with a non-technical background, there’s no need to panic. You can have a very successful career in SEO with limited technical know-how. But you do need to know and accept your limitations, and be able to call on expert help when you need it.

When Google’s restructuring announcement was made, it caught everyone by surprise. I gave my own take on the news in an article for State of Digital, and I really tried to be as news-y and factual as possible:

State of Digital: Google reorganises, creates ‘Alphabet’ holding company

The core business of search will be Google’s remit, and some of the old activities that fell under Google will become separate entities within Alphabet. The ‘moonshot’ laboratory Google X will be a separate business, as will Nest (Google’s home invasio-… sorry, internet-enabled home appliances arm), Google Fiber (NSA listening post broadband ISP), Calico (creepy immortal mutants human longevity research), and Google Ventures & Google Capital, the company’s gospel-spreading startup VC firms.

After a bit of a lull, it was time for another anti-Google rant. This time my target was Google’s self-aggrandising mission statement to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”:

State of Digital: The Problem With Google’s Mission

As the foremost publisher and editor of the world’s information, Google needs to understand it has become an integral part of the content creation ecosystem. It can no longer maintain the delusion that it exists separated from the information it publishes in its search results. Yet the contrary is the case; Google remains unwilling to accept any accountability for the immeasurable role it plays in the creation and distribution of the world’s information.

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