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For Search News Central I’ve written a blog post about the trustworthiness of the data Google shares with us. In many of Google’s free tools, such as Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and even Adwords, the data we’re presented with isn’t always reliable.

Search News Central: Can We Trust Google’s Data?

As part of my work for the Belfast Telegraph I do a weekly report on which articles performed the best, and there was one article that stood out in more ways than one. It was the most viewed article of the week – it was an article featuring a video of the Chile miners’ rescue – but Google Analytics gave me two entirely different pageview numbers, depending on how I approached the metric.

Inspired by a recent blog post by Bill Slawski I decided to build my own Custom Search Engine aimed at enabling easy searching through the web’s leading and most trustworthy SEO blogs and news sites.

Custom Search Engine: SEO Search

Let me know if you feel I’ve left out a major SEO/Search site that should be included in this CSE.

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