Google EU Settlement / Facebook IPO / Long-Form Content

When it was revealed that Google would settle its EU antitrust case by making a range of concessions, I thought it would be worthwhile to look at what these concessions would actually do to promote competition and innovation in the European digital economy:

State of Search: What Google’s EU Settlement Means For Search

Speculating about the impact of this settlement on Google search results in Europe, how will this affect businesses that have been damaged by Google’s inexorable move towards becoming the internet’s preferred end destination (vs serving as a quick portal for users to find information and services)?

It’s been nearly a year since Facebook went public. A good time to look back at the previous 12 months – has Facebook’s stock price lived up to the expectations, and what have Zuckerberg and his team been doing to maximise their profits?

State of Search: Facebook’s IPO, One Year Later

Expectations were high for Facebook’s share prices, but those expectations were dashed on the very first day of the IPO. Initially the stock surged from its offering price of $38 to a peak of $45, but then quickly took a nosedive and had to be salvaged by Facebook’s IPO underwriters to prevent it from dropping under $38 on its first day.

The argument of short vs long content on the internet shows no sign of abating any time soon. But evidence is mounting that long-form content can be more engaging for your audience than short snappy content, on top of multitudes of other benefits:

State of Search: Building The Case for Long-Form Content

Last week Co.Labs published the results of their own long-form content experiment, in which they changed their usual quick & dirty tactic of getting stories out there quickly to a different approach, where they revisited and expanded existing articles and turned them in to growing stories. The results were significant: while their traffic did not increase as such, the engagement of people with their content showed remarkable improvement – a massively lower bounce rate combined with a much longer time on site.

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