Google News Changes / Discipline and Doubt

In a post for State of Digital I’m speculating on the direction Google News is heading. There have been some recent developments that indicate Google is preparing to shake up its News vertical quite drastically:

State of Digital: Changes in Google News could have massive implications for News Publishers

“Because Google News is a separate feature, with its own rules that are quite separate from that of web search, any demands for changes Europe makes of Google News are likely to be technically feasible. It would after all only impact on the tightly managed News vertical, and have little impact on how web search works. There are, however, some early signs that Google might be changing the status of its News vertical with regards to web search.”

My blog series on entrepreneurship for 123-Reg continues with two more posts. In one I talk about imposing a daily discipline with regards to getting stuff done, and lament the difficulties of getting paid on time:

123-Reg: Starting your own business – Part 3: Discipline

“First and foremost there was the issue of getting paid. Almost every freelancer will tell you this is their primary concern, and for good reason. My invoices come with 30 day payment terms, yet I learned that most businesses – big businesses especially – treat this as a generic guideline, and one that they often ignore altogether.”

In the following post I get a little more personal and discuss my struggles with doubts and second thoughts about this whole self-employed thing:

123-Reg: Starting your own business – Part 4: Handling doubt

“When you start out on your own, it’s going to hit you sooner or later. It can come as a sudden wave of panic, or it can build up over time in small accumulations. But inevitably, at some stage, maybe after a couple of weeks or maybe years down the line, you’re going to have massive doubts. You’re going to reach a point where you ask yourself, “am I doing the right thing?”.”

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