Google Propaganda / Search Geeks Speak

I’ve started writing for the Holistic Search blog, run by my friend and SEO superman Peter Young. My first post for the site is about Google’s propaganda, and how it differs from what actually works in SEO:

Holistic Search: Debunking Google’s Propaganda

Experienced SEOs know that there’s a huge difference between what Google and its fans declare to be ‘SEO best practices’ and what actually works to get sites to rank. For those who are still struggling to make sense of this, below I’ve outlined a few SEO myths propagated by the likes of Matt Cutts and his adoring fanbase, and compared that to the real truth of the matter.

Recently I was a guest on a regular podcast hosted by David Harry and Terry Van Horne from the SEO Training Dojo. The podcast, entitled Search Geeks Speak, also featured my State of Search boss and all around great guy Bas van den Beld, and fellow SEO Dojo-er Kieran Flanaghan (aka Searchbrat).

The topic of the podcast was about European SEO, and you can listen to and download it from the SEO Dojo website here: Search Geeks Speak: EU SEO Panel with Bas van Den Beld, Barry Adams and Searchbrat

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