Google’s Job / SEO and SOSTAC®

In light of Google’s recent announcement to support the semantic framework, I wrote a rant about how the big G is getting webmasters to do the hard work:

State of Search: We’re doing Google’s job for them

Google, as a search engine, exists to find all the information on the web (crawling), make sense of what it finds (indexing), and serve us with the most relevant content for any given query (ranking). This, in a very simplified nutshell, is Information Retrieval, and it’s what search engines do. However, it seems search engines are actually quite poor at this. Or at least poor enough that they think they need us – the masses – to do the hard work for them.

Also for State of Search I described how SEO as an internet marketing activity can fit in to the SOSTAC® strategy framework:

State of Search: SEO within the SOSTAC® strategy framework

To summarize it very briefly, SOSTAC® stands for Situation Analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions, and Control. Developed by PR Smith, SOSTAC ®is a powerful yet simple strategy framework that captures all aspects of creating and executing an IM strategy, yet it has enough flexibility to fit around the varying requirements of our wide range of clients.

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