Guide Your Visitors To Your Conversion Page

We’ve already discussed the basics of a good navigation for your website. The last tip in that article, linking to other pages on your site from within your content, deserves some extra explanation.

Your navigation alone isn’t sufficient to get people to the right content on your site. When you’ve managed to capture a visitor’s attention, you need to guide them to the right content. Your navigation menu alone won’t accomplish this.

Imagine you’re reading a book. At the end of a chapter you want to move on to the next chapter. Wouldn’t it be irritating if you had to return to the table of contents of the book first, and then find the new chapter?

A website works in a similar way. When a user is reading your content, you shouldn’t ask them to go back to your navigation menu if they want to move on to the next piece of relevant information. You need to link to the next page(s) from within your content. This ensures the user’s attention will remain focused and, more importantly, you get to influence what the user reads next.

With this principle in mind you can guide your website’s visitors through a clickflow, a set of pages with different but connected content that guide your visitor from the entry page all the way to where you want them: your conversion page.

The concept of a clickflow deserves much more attention than I can give it here is this blog post, but I want to give you the basic idea. Use links from within the content of your site to create a smooth, uninterrupted reading process for your users so that they can easily and effortlessly find the right information to help them in their decision-making process.

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