Help from Google / Keyword Rankings

Last week a fellow blogger & SEO geek pointed something strange out to me: a result on the Google SERPs did not match the actual webpage’s title tag. Up to now SEOs have pretty much assumed a page’s title tag is what search engines show in the results. However, it appears Google changes SERP headlines to make the result more relevant.

State of Search: Google helps non-optimised sites and enhances title tags in SERPs

What this means is that Google appears to be trying to close the gap between optimised and non-optimised sites. They’ve gone beyond just ranking pages for relevance, now they’ve also begun enhancing non-optimised pages’ listing in the SERPs.

Also on State of Search is a blog post I wrote about the value of keyword rankings. This metric for measuring the success of search engine optimisation efforts is rapidly losing favour in the SEO community. However, I argue that keyword rankings are still a vital part of SEO reporting.

State of Search: The value of keyword rankings

But where our sites rank on those SERPs, especially as part of a long term trend, is absolutely a vital aspect of what we do. I’ll concede keyword rankings have lost their status as the king of SEO metrics, but it’s still metric royalty. It’s still up there in the throne room, and it should get the attention it deserves.

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