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The Marketing Meld is a new digital marketing blog aimed at the UK market. My first contribution to the site is a piece which lists five tips to improve your writing:

The Meld: Five Tips to Improve Your Writing

“Over the years as I find myself writing more and more – from blog posts to proposals to reports and, of course, countless emails – a small set of core principles about how I write has emerged, and I’m keen to share these with you. They might work for you, or they might not – the thing about writing is that everyone has their own method.”

A conversation with a client triggered me to think about how we as SEOs prioritise the tasks we can perform to enhance a client’s visibility in search. This lead to a new post at my usual State of Digital stomping grounds:

State of Digital: Prioritising SEO Tasks Effectively

“Every time we as SEOs make decisions about how to best optimise our clients’ websites, we need to decide on the expected return on investment of any given SEO task. David Harry wrote about this eloquently in his Task ROI post, which is still as relevant today as it was 4 years ago when he wrote it. It’s about engaging in activities that drive the most value for your clients at this time, in the current context.”

I recently read a novel that really hit a note with me, as to me it served as a powerful cautionary tale against the techno-utopianism espoused by Silicon Valley’s giant internet companies:

State of Digital: A Cautionary Tale About Silicon Valley’s Vision for the Future

“Dave Eggers manages to expertly capture the Silicon Valley mindset and the language it uses to espouse their techno-utopian ideas, and that makes The Circle a very recognisable and Orwellian cautionary tale. In the end it’s still a work of fiction that at times stretches the boundaries of realism, but after reading it I cannot help but wonder how far the real world Silicon Valley elite is allowed to go in their pursuit of goals that, whilst ostensibly founded on good intentions, are likely to lead the world down a very dark path indeed.”

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  1. Writing sucks. Definitely my least favourite SEO task, although I’ve found making 4 or 5 bullet points at the start before you start writing works for me.

    I’m a big fan of useful blog sites but over the past few years with sites selling their posts in exchange for money and exclusivity the quality has been completely diluted in some cases with people writing for the sake of writing to help them rank. It will be interesting to see how Matt Cutt’s threat to the spammy guest bloggers pans out.

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