Improving Online Conversions free e-book

Improving Online Conversions for DummiesIf you’re doing any search engine advertising you should be tracking what your ROI is. In other words, you should be monitoring your PPC spend and your income from this spend – i.e. your conversions from PPC.

If you’re using Google Adwords, you’re in luck: Google has an array of tools that allow you to track exactly what your ROI is. You can track your ROI straight from Google Adwords, or you can tie Adwords in to your Google Analytics account and track your goal conversions there and attribute them to your PPC spend.

On top of that, Google has tools to help you increase that ROI by improving your conversion rate: the Google Adwords Conversion Optimiser and it’s big brother, Google Website Optimiser.

All these tools, each with their own approach and implementation, are a bit daunting to wrap your head around. Which should you be using and why?

Google seems to realise this and have published a free online e-book to help you figure things out: Improving Online Conversions for Dummies.

It’s a handy little e-book that goes through every one of Google’s optimisation tools and tells you what you can do with each, and in which scenario they can (and should) be applied.

Not only an excellent guide for beginners, it’s also very useful for seasoned professionals like myself that sometimes get lost amidst the forest of new tools and features Google continually releases.

You can read the book online for free or download a printable PDF version.

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