Internet and Ownership / UK SEO Poll

In my latest column for the Belfast Telegraph I explore the way the internet has changed our perception of ownership. We no longer truly own the stuff we buy, we merely lease it from the manufacturer, the latter maintaining near-total control over the product.

Belfast Telegraph: How the internet has changed the concept of ownership

The boundaries of ownership have changed. Corporations are keenly aware of it, and have been (ab)using and expanding this new system of corporate ownership of your stuff so that nowadays almost everything you buy that is digitally enhanced and online-capable is never truly yours.

Somehow I managed to find myself nominated on a poll titled “Who is the UK’s most influental SEO?”. I’m deeply honoured and humbled, as there are some proper big names of the UK SEO industry on there. It’s also clever SEO from the poll’s creator Peter Young, as he’s getting loads of links back to his site with a very juicy anchor text. Well done Peter. :)

Holistic Search: Who is the UK’s most influental SEO

The online editor at the Belfast Telegraph liked my nomination so much he dedicated a brief article to it:

Belfast Telegraph’s search engine optimiser nominated in UK SEO poll

A poll on the most influential SEO (Search Engine Optimiser) in the UK has a Belfast-based internet professional among its nominees. Barry Adams, an employee of Belfast company Visual Script – who manage SEO for – is one of 33 nominees in the poll.

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