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I wrote a host of short blog posts for State of Search over the past few weeks to cover for the site’s owner Bas van den Beld while he was on vacation.

The most substantial of these blog posts is a case study on why geotargeting users based on IP address is a silly affair, especially when trying to determine what region of a country a user is from. In the UK especially, IP targeting is utterly broken.

State of Search: Geotargeting Based on IP Address is Broken

It’s when you get to regional IP targeting that all semblance of accuracy goes straight out the window, and it becomes nothing less than a total crapshoot. In fact, firing buckshot at a big national map will probably yield more accurate results than the geographical data you’ll get from any web analytics package.

Some other blog posts I wrote for State of Search recently are primarily news stories about new developments in search and web:

Helping manage the State of Search blog in Bas’s absence made me aware of how much time and effort is involved in keeping an active blog like that running.
Bas is doing a truly fantastic job – so much so that it took three people (myself, Jeroen van Eck, and Sam Crocker) to replace him while he was on holiday!

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  1. @Bas, you’re very welcome, I was honoured to be able to help keep the blog running. And judging by the amount of stuff you forwarded on to us for the blog, I’m sure you didn’t relax as much as you could have. ;)

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