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My latest for State of Search is the spelling out of a thought that’s been careening around in my head for a while: that all we do online to make our client sites a success needs a coherent, well thought-out marketing strategy:

State of Search: Everything Starts With a Marketing Strategy

But what drives the content? Where do we find the inspiration? How do we determine what angle to approach a topic with? What process enables us to find the right tone of voice and messaging to use in our content strategy? The answer is, of course, marketing – sans digital. Marketing determines a company’s USP, its brand, its positioning. And those, in turn, drive the content strategy.

I was asked to write a guest post for the popular Koozai blog, and I decided to touch upon the challenges that I foresee in the future for web analytics, emerging from the continued focus on user privacy on the internet:

Koozai: Why Web Analysts Need To Be Ready For Change

There are a number of online trends around privacy coming to a head, and these are likely to have a strong impact on web analytics. The methods with which we track visits to our websites, and the measurements we use to judge online success will have to evolve to keep pace with this changing landscape.

Yorkshire-based SEO Craig Addyman conducted an interview with me, which he posted on his website. We touched upon some interesting topics, including SEOs relationship with Google and the hypes that regularly dominate discourse in our industry:

Craig Addyman: An Interview With Barry Adams

[…] it’s because we’re a content-driven industry, and we’ve run out of things to write content about. We’ve blogged about everything and everyone and have run out of new things to say, so whenever something genuinely new arrives we all pounce on it and blog it to death several times over. In the process we – sometimes inadvertently, sometimes deliberately – create hypes around these new developments in our eagerness to write something novel.

My newest for Search News Central was an attempt to analyse keyword ranking and visits data aggregated from a number of client websites. Truth be told it was a shallow effort, and I’m actually glad Michael Martinez (SEO Theory) sounded off in the comments to put me straight and challenge me on future analytical endeavours:

Search News Central: The Value of First Page Rankings Shown Through Ugly Graphs

More than half the number of keywords that send traffic to these sites are ranked in the top 5 search results on Google, and they account for 67% of all search visits. In fact, the top 10 ranked keywords generate over 85% of all traffic from Google. Once again this demonstrates the importance of first page listings on Google, especially the top half.

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