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Triggered by a series of blog posts deriding the pervasive ‘What X Taught Me About Y’ blog fluff, culminating in Joanthan Colman’s excellent ‘We Can Do Better Than This‘ article, I wrote a post for State of Search listing the obstacles to a widespread adoption of investigate SEO writing, and providing a few possible avenues for exploration:

State of Search: Can The SEO Industry Embrace Long-Form Content?

[…] as an industry we’re infected with a hype-chasing mentality. The algorithms we attempt to profit from change from day to day, which means we’re always adapting and looking for the next ‘silver bullet’ that will help us gain a competitive advantage. Our blogging reflects this – every time Google spits out a substantial update, it dominates the SEO blogosphere for weeks. New features of Google’s products need to be rapidly communicated and analysed on various blogs if they’re to be seen as cutting edge and on top of things. Few bloggers have the freedom – or will – to take a few days or weeks to gather data and analyse new trends carefully.

When Alessio Madeyski retired his successful ‘Meet Your SEO‘ interview series I was disappointed, but I understood and respected his decision entirely. So when he asked me to be the second interviewee in his renewed ‘Meet Your Marketer’ series, I was truly honoured and humbled. His questions were excellent and I hope my answers did them justice:

Alessio Madeyski: Meet Your Marketer – Barry Adams

The very first time I went to a big SEO conference was 2005 when I visited Search Engine Strategies in New York. It was an amazing experience for me and a defining moment in my career as a SEO. The things I learned, the people I met, the connections I made… I couldn’t have had that in any other setting. So yes I’m a fan of conferences. I think attending a conference allows you to learn and connect in ways that are nearly impossible in other environments. The proliferation of conferences is a good thing, because it gives more people the opportunity to attend such events.

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