Manchester SEO mini-conference

Last week I had the pleasure and honour to be one of the four speakers at the Manchester SEO mini-conference. I had a great time, it was really good to meet many people that I’d only spoken with via twitter up to then, and it was a superb experience overall.

Compliments to Peter Young and the folks at Don’t Panic for the excellent organisation, cheers to sponsors The E Word and Marketing Signals for making it happen, and thanks to all who attended, tweeted, and/or hung around for the after party – I had an absolute blast!

Here are the slides from my presentation about optimising for Google News (best viewed full-screen):

And here are some blog posts from the conference:

The conference hashtag was #mancseo which saw quite a lot of use, and still gets new tweets daily thanks to the lively SEO scene in the Manchester area.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, the people, the venue, and the after-party. Next year’s SAScon, organised by the same folks, will be held there as well so please do add that to your 2011 conference calendar – it’s bound to be great.

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  1. Great coverage and apologies again for missing half of your talk, but no doubt I will pick your brains on a few things in time over G news in the Dojo and elsewhere :)

  2. Thanks for the slides, I would like to have seen your talk. I’m experimenting with a news site and getting it ready for Google News submission. I had a debate on SEODojo with Webmaster T whose conviced you can have dup content on a news site and get accepted – what do think Barry?

  3. @SEO Doctor: depends on what you mean with duplicate content. If you’re talking about content from news feeds such as PA/Reuters, then yes you can have as much as 50% of your content be such duplicated feeds. As long as you keep producing adequate amounts of your own original content as well. Try to maintain at least a 50/50 ratio, but preferably more original content than news feeds.

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