Microformats and RDF / Google’s Self-Image

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of research on microformats and other approaches to structured data. This inspired a post for State of Search where I wonder if the time has come for web developers and search engine optimisers to embrace structured data, or whether we’re better off waiting for a firmer standard to emerge.

State of Search: Microformats and RDF, is this the right time?

A low-level buzz in SEO that’s steadily becoming louder is the use of microformats. This article explores the problems that exist with microformats and RDF and asks if this is the right time to implement these particular approaches to structured data.

Google’s recent legal setbacks in the form of a ruling against it in Italy and strong signals that the European Commission is launching an anti-trust investigation, sparked a passionate defence of Google’s practices from one its highest profile employees, Matt Cutts.

Searchcowboys: Google: “We’re the good guys, remember?”

As Google is coming under ever increasing scrutiny and pressure, it goes ever more on the defensive. Google seems to possess an almost childish naivety about its position as a global corporate giant, and it needs to come to terms with its role as the new Microsoft.

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