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Another short update on my writings and content around the web. It’s been another hectic few months with some big new clients coming on board, so that leaves precious little time for blogging. Nonetheless I managed to squeeze out two blog posts which I’m quite proud of.

Search Engine Land: Mobile SERP Survival – Technical SEO Checklist

My very first post for Search Engine Land is about Google’s mobile-first indexing, and the technical challenges your website might face. It’s not enough to pass the mobile-friendly test, you need to check various other aspects of your site to ensure optimal performance in the mobile-first era.

A lot has been written about mobile-first indexing, but most of the attention has focused on the basic aspects of mobile search engine optimization. In this article, I want to dig into some of the more technical aspects of mobile search engine optimization (SEO) and show what you can do to ensure your website is fully ready and will survive the mobile-first indexing era.

Shopify Partner Blog: Indexable PWAs – Making Progressive Web Apps Perform for Users and Search Engines

The folks at Shopify asked me to write a guide on how to make Progressive Web Apps perform well for both users and search engines. In this post I explain the core aspects that your PWA needs to adhere to for optimal performance for search engines and users alike.

Building web apps that rely on your users’ devices to do most of the work only shows that you treat your users with contempt. Your app may work fine for a large chunk of your users, but many others will be frustrated by the demands your app places on their device, which will manifest in sluggish performance. Treat your users with respect and treat their devices’ resources as scarce.

SMX Paris: JavaScript & SEO – What You Need To Know

I’ve recently delivered talks for various conferences, including BrightonSEO and the Searchmetrics Summit. Last week I was in Paris to give a talk at the 9th SMX Paris conference, on the topic of JavaScript & SEO. You can view the slides on Slideshare.

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