Neuromarketing Ethics / Rich Snippets / Book Review

For the new Friday Commentary series on State of Digital I wrote a column about the increasing influence of neuroscience on marketing, and how this could present an existential issue for all marketers:

State of Digital: A Crossroads for Marketing – The Ethics of Neuromarketing

“Imagine being able to prime consumers wearing Google Glass with specific visual triggers to get them in to the right buying mood for your products, or using precisely the right phrasings in your website’s header image to prime the site’s visitors for what you want them to do next. For some advertisers, this sounds like a commercial utopia. I hope that for others it raises some concerns.”

On the blog of our new Tomorrow Lab website I wrote a post about how websites can enable rich snippets in Google search results:

The Tomorrow Lab: Enabling Rich Snippets in Google Search for your Website

“The strongest benefit from rich snippets is that they can lead to more traffic from Google search without having to improve your rank. Because a rich snippet stands out amongst the rest of the search results, users will be more likely to click on it rather than a higher ranked normal result. So rich snippets are a great way to improve your website traffic from search without having to invest in classic SEO techniques.”

State of Digital was sent a review copy of the new content marketing book from Bruce Clay and Murray Newlands, and I got the opportunity to review the book:

State of Digital: Book Review – Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals

“Published in December, Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals is a collaborative effort from Bruce Clay and Murray Newlands, and peppered with examples from both men’s wealth of experience in the industry. This makes the book very pragmatic and geared towards practical application – little words are wasted on theorising about content strategy.”

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