SEO and Social Media / Panda and Article Marketing

I wrote an article for the March 2011 issue of Business Eye magazine, that we’ve republished on the Pierce Communications website. Aimed at a layperson audience, the article is an attempt to pierce the hype surrounding social media and the proclamations of SEO’s irrelevance:

The Tomorrow Lab: SEO and Social Media – Piercing the Hype

Websites don’t accidentally rank high in Google. It takes concerted effort to ensure a website performs well in search engine results, and SEO is a multi-faceted discipline incorporating aspects of web design and development, technical know-how, marketing and PR, and even social media.

My latest for Search News Central is about Google’s Farmer/Panda update, and specifically about how it has affected article marketing as a linkbuilding method:

Search News Central: The Panda That Killed Article Marketing

Article marketing is a tried and tested method of generating links. You find a topic, write an article about it that includes a link or two, and publish it on several article directories. Or, more accurately, you pay someone else to do all that for you, and you just provide the link destination and anchor text.

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