SEO Back to Basics / Mobile Apps and Journalism

For State of Search I aimed my verbal barbs at some of the search engine industry’s greatest myths and misconceptions. There is so much uncertainty, fable, and disinformation about proper SEO out there, it’s time to tackle these issues and ensure we’re all working from established best practices:

State of Search: SEO Back to Basics

I caught a tweet last week of a fellow in Northern Ireland who, in all seriousness, described himself as a ‘seasoned SEO guy’. In this tweet he advocated the use of PageRank Sculpting. Naturally I felt inclined to put the matter straight and educate the poor chap on his dependence on outdated info. Unfortunately this is wasn’t the only case of ill-informed SEOs using outdated practices that I’ve come across recently.

My latest column for the Belfast Telegraph was inspired by a thought-provoking piece in Wired magazine. The Internet is changing and mobile apps are slowly replacing websites as the preferred method of online interaction. This could mean the salvation of professional journalism:

Belfast Telegraph: Can Mobile Apps Save Professional Journalism?

By selling news apps with advanced features a newspaper can distinguish itself from news websites, be it their own site or that of their rivals. Especially for regional newspapers such as the Belfast Telegraph tapping in to the geo-location functionality inherent in smartphones and tablet PCs can open up a whole new way for readers to interact with the news, and can become a cornerstone of a digital revenue model.

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