SEO Debates / Click2Rank Interview

In my latest article for State of Search I argue against arguing about SEO – or at least a specific type of ‘meta’ argument about SEO:

State of Search: The Source of All SEO Debates

These meta arguments are about whether SEO equates to spam or not, whether a tactic is white hat or black hat, or whether we should all change our job titles to ‘inbound marketers’ or other such nonsense. I believe that these meta arguments about SEO almost invariably stem from the same source. That source is nothing less than how people define SEO.

My fellow SEO Dojo warrior Joshua Titsworth interviewed me for a series of interviews published on the Click2Rank blog. I have a great deal of respect for Joshua (or, as we call him in the Dojo, ‘Tits’) so I felt quite honoured to be his interviewee – even though his boss Alan Bleiweiss mocked my UK English (i.e. proper) spelling. :)

Click2Rank: An Interview With Barry Adams

4. What questions do you typically ask yourself when hearing of a new business or marketing venue?

My first thought goes to how big the bang will be for how much buck. For my client sites I want to focus on the things that have the biggest positive impact for the least amount of resources, and often the latest hype to take over the blogosphere is very low on that particular list.

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