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I was invited to join the SEO Dojo guys for their weekly radio podcast, to talk about linkbuilding and SEO for Google News. It was a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with David and Terry. You can stream or download the podcast here (my contribution starts 40 minutes in):

SEO Dojo: SEO Dojo Radio Episode 4

In the second part of the show today we’re having Barry Adams from the Great Websites blog. He works at Visual Script in Belfast and deals with some major newspapers. As such we’ll be asking him about his (extensive) knowledge of Google News.

After seeing yet another regurgitated blog post on how we should stop doing SEO and start focusing on social media, I couldn’t hold back my frustration any longer and wrote a rant that got published on the SEO Bullshit website:

SEO Bullshit: Search and Social? Eh, no.

I don’t buy in to this social-search-coagulation. It just doesn’t compute with me. Looking at my own behaviour online, when I use a social media site I’m in an entirely different mindset than when I’m using a search engine. My ‘user intent’, if you will, is very different.

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  1. hey Barry, love the post in SEOBullshit about social media and SEO… I love how people (specially SOCIAL experts) keep thinking … Twitter will replace Google… Facebook will replace Google..

    really? when was the last time you went to Facebook with the intention to search for something?

    Keep the good posts mate.

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