SEO for Google News / SEO for Web Developers

Recently I was asked to write for Search Engine People, and I wanted to make sure my first post for them was a solid one: it’s about Google News and what a publisher can do to get more visibility and higher rankings in the world’s most popular news aggregator:

Search Engine People: SEO for Google News – Ranking Factors and Recommendations

Google News is a very different animal from Google Search, and it’s vital for news publishers to have a good understanding of how Google News operates and what can be done to optimise your presence there.

I’m giving a talk at Barcamp Belfast this Saturday about the biggest mistakes web developers make that cause problems for search engine optimisation. On State of Search I shared what I wanted to talk about and asked for input from the SEO crowd:

State of Search: SEO for Web Developers

There are countless things that can go wrong with URLs containing parameters, from duplicate content issues to crawl-loops. But worst of all, search engine spiders really don’t like parameters. Yes, with Webmaster Tools you can tell Google what parameters you are using, but really, that’s like using a band-aid to fix a severed limb.

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