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A big list of updates this time, as lots has been published in recent days. For State of Search I wrote a much-needed post calling for less hype and hyperbole in SEO, and more celebration of the basic stuff that, while not sexy and cutting edge, still delivers results for clients:

State of Search: Hype and Hyperbole in SEO

Whenever a search engine changes its algorithms in an obvious way, or when a new website is launched with a novel social service, the SEO blogosphere goes mental and almost literally writes it to death. Whether it’s Panda or Pinterest, Google Plus or Posterous, whenever something new and shiny comes along SEO bloggers pounce on it and milk it for everything it’s worth.

For Search News Central I wrote a piece in which I try to psycho-analyse Google as an entity, and it leads to the inevitable conclusion that Google is schizophrenic:

Search News Central: Google’s Deep-Seeded Conflict With Itself

It is because of this genuine love for Google that the insights in to how the search giant operates, courtesy of Stephen Levy’s most excellent In The Plex, disturb me so much. Because it appears that below the surface of the benevolent search giant, Google is a company deeply confused about itself. It seems Google doesn’t really know what it wants to be, nor how it can get there.

Also for Search News Central is a ramble about the underlying motivations and perspectives of people who perform searches online, and how we can’t really understand them – merely glimpse them:

Search News Central: The Hidden Truths of Online Search

A search is never as simple as a keyword in a search box resulting in a SERP and eventually a click. Superficially that’s what happens, but it’s about as superficial as a ripple of water on a vast ocean. What lies beneath the surface is what’s really interesting. It’s also of such mind-boggling depth and complexity that we can never hope to understand even a fraction of it.

Lastly I gave an interview with Brazilian SEO and online media expert Klaus Junginger in which I shared my thoughts about online news, Google News, and the position of bloggers:

ComputerKlaus: Search and Online News: Barry Adams Speaks his Mind

I think many media organizations are desperately trying to push people back to print, which is a bit like people laying roads only wanting horse & carts to make use of it. I think a much better strategy would be to embrace online and see what aspects of it you can make profitable.

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