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Yes, lots of writing about SEO these past weeks. I continued my series on the Three Pillars of SEO for State of Digital with an article on Relevance, where I explain some of the advanced concepts of on-site optimisation such as structured data, mobile friendliness, and internal linking:

State of Digital: The Second Pillar of SEO – Relevance

Beyond the basics of on-page optimisation, relevance also concerns itself with other signals that help boost the topical significance of the webpage in question. Keep in mind that Google ranks webpages – not websites – which means you need to make sure you have topically relevant pages for every keyword theme you want to target.

Wrapping up my Three Pillars series, I wrote about the Authority aspect of SEO and how you can optimise your website to improve its chances of earning links naturally:

State of Digital: The Third Pillar of SEO – Authority

Where the first two pillars ensure respectively that your website can be fully crawled, and that your content makes sense to search engines’ indexing process and achieves high relevance scores, the third pillar is all about building up the right signals of trust and authority so that your content can be ranked highly in search results.

Linkdex: SEO Now 2015

Linkdex has published an ebook about the state of SEO in 2015, collecting expert opinions from 25 leaders in the industry. I was honoured to be asked to contribute, and wrote a piece for their technical SEO chapters.

You can download the entire ebook for free here.

SEO Now 2015 - Barry Adams

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