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For Search News Central I reviewed a new book: SEO Secrets by Danny Dover. Read the full review:

Search News Central: A review of Danny Dover’s SEO Secrets book

I pre-ordered the book, titled Search Engine Optimization Secrets, and it arrived yesterday morning. I’m writing this review less than 36 hours after having started reading, so you might leap to the conclusion that it’s a thin, lightweight publication. It’s not. At well over 400 pages and containing precious little fluff, it’s quite a dense work.

For State of Search I wrote a more cerebral article about the possible future of SEO, as it’s a zero-sum game that’s threatening to unbalance too heavily in favour of the spammers:

State of Search: The Rules by Which We Play

The SEO industry has a lot in common with the financial industry. SEO, like the financial markets, is a game invented by humans, for humans. The rules of this game relate to reality – the world of brick and mortar – only indirectly, dealing as it does with fleeting human behaviour in a fabricated environment invented and managed by a small group of all-powerful entities.

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