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Too many articles writing about SEO strategy are just collections of tactics, with no over-arching thought behind it. I wanted to address that in my latest post for State of Digital, in which I outline the four crucial ingredients for a successful SEO strategy.

State of Digital: 4 Crucial Ingredients for a Successful SEO Strategy

To develop a successful strategy means to have a deep understanding of what it is exactly you’re trying to accomplish. How this will be accomplished is the tactical part – by understanding the ‘what’ of your SEO project, you’ll find it becomes much easier to choose the correct ‘how’ tactic and deploy it effectively.

The second post in my series for 123-Reg is about the decisions I had to make, both small and large, when I put things in place to start my own business. Everything from picking an accountant to choosing a name for my business, it all mattered.

123-Reg: Starting your own business, Part 2 – The basics

I was keen to avoid making obvious mistakes, so I Googled a lot of information about setting up your own business. I also knew quite a few people who ran their own businesses, so I had coffee with a few and asked their advice. Each and every person I spoke with was incredibly supportive and provided me with a wealth of advice.

In a guest article for the SEO Copywriting blog I wrote about the need to dominate your own branded search result, and explained a few tactics how this can be accomplished. When someone uses Google to search for your brand, you want to make sure you fully own that search query.

SEO Copywriting: Dominate Your Branded Search Result

It pays to make sure that you claim the entire first page of search results for your brand name, ensuring your official corporate presence is the only thing searchers see when they type your company name in to Google or other search engines.

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