Short URL Etiquette / Ode to FrontPage

My latest for State of Search is on a topic that’s been floating around in my head for a while: when it’s right to use your own custom short URL in twitter, and when it isn’t:

State of Search: The Unofficial URL Shortener Etiquette

Since I set up my own URL shortener ( and one for my company (, I’ve been thinking a lot about what the proper use of short URLs is. When is it OK to use your own short URLs and when isn’t it? There’s no official rulebook on how and when to use short URLs, so I thought I’d compile an unofficial short URL etiquette guide.

For the Holistic Search blog I wrote a somewhat humorous ode to the obsolete Microsoft FrontPage WYSIWYG editor, trying to find a number of worthwhile uses for this antiquated piece of software:

Holistic Search: The Many Uses of Microsoft FrontPage

During its 7-year lifespan as a software product FrontPage went from being a time-saving darling of budding web developers to being widely despised and ridiculed for the bloated code it churned out. It’s been nearly 10 years since Microsoft quietly retired the FrontPage brand name, but it still sees widespread use today. In fact, some developers use it daily. Because, believe it or not, FrontPage still has many uses.

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