The Death of SEO / Image Search Optimisation

On the Fire Horse Trail I wrote an article about the impact of the continued ‘appification’ of the Internet on the SEO industry. Will there be SEO when there’s no more World Wide Web?

The Fire Horse Trail: The Death of SEO

The content contained within apps is invisible for search engines, and app builders intend to keep it that way. Content creators want to tie users in to their apps, and making sure their content is only accessible via the app is key to accomplishing that. This means that SEO, making sure websites (content) get found through search engines, is obsolete in the fully applified Internet landscape of tomorrow.

By popular demand I wrote a blog post for State of Search explaining what you can do to optimise your images to appear in Google’s Image Search:

State of Search: The Definitive Guide to Image Search Optimisation

The filename, alt-text and caption of an image of a website combine to form an impression of what the image is showing. For maximum impact these three factors should be aligned, containing the same or similar keywords. The three factors can be seen as descriptions of the image, increasing in length.

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