The Multi-Layered Search Experience / Sending Mass Emails

For State of Search I wrote a post about the multi-layered search experience. In this I tried to explain that users go through several search functions on different sites before they land on the content they are looking for. As SEOs we need to understand the full search cycle that guides visitors to our websites.

State of Search: SEO and the Multi-layered Search Experience

There is a pervasive mindset in the internet community that search engines such as Google are an entirely different class of website. Instead of a destination in and of themselves, search engines are seen as gateways to real content. The search experience as many search engine optimisers define it is limited to what users do in Google, Bing, and such.

However, I’d argue that this is a limited perspective that no longer accurately reflects how users find content on the web. Instead I would call Google and its rivals first tier search engines – the first step in a multi-layered search experience.

This next one is not about SEO but about email marketing. Over on my personal blog I vented about a rather egregious mistake made by the branch manager of a local recruitment agency when she emailed a promotion to their full database of registered job seekers. A Beginner’s Lesson in Sending Mass Emails

But look a little closer…. That link at the top saying ’show details’, where in Gmail you can see to what email addresses the message was sent….

Surely a professional organisation like Randstad wouldn’t just put all email addresses of a mass mailing in the To: field? Surely they’d use BCC or an email marketing system?

There’s a lesson in there for email marketers: Never use the To: field.

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