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A while back I wrote about the state of search for news. In this blog post I tried to summarise where online journalism stands with regards to SEO, and outlined some tricks SEOs could utilise to enhance their presence in Google News.

State of Search: The State of Search for News

According to data from the Newspaper Marketing Agency the biggest source of traffic for UK newspaper sites is Google, generating over 45% of all visits. This data does not distinguish between the various Google search products, but both Hitwise and my own experiences with the Belfast Telegraph website indicate that the vast bulk of that traffic originates from Google News.

Recently I wrote a blog post outlining what a solid, all-round search engine optimiser should know about search engines. Many SEOs treat the symptoms of badly optimised sites, but they don’t really understand why – because they don’t understand how search engines work. By studying IR, patents, and research papers, a good SEO can gain a greater understanding of the craft.

State of Search: Understanding Search Engines

Every search engine is in essence an information retrieval system. Information retrieval can be described as “the science of finding information contained within documents and/or within metadata about documents”. IR was around long before the world wide web was born. From the moment computer scientists started storing information in early computers, IR was needed to retrieve that information.

At the invitation of its creators I reviewed the SEO Effect software suite and published my findings on State of Search. I concluded that it was a useful and powerful tool that has a lot of promise as it continues to be developed and new features are added.

State of Search: SEO Effect Review

It’s hard to judge a suite of tools based on only two of its five modules, but I have to say I’m fairly impressed. If the three remaining modules under development will adhere to the standards of quality and robustness as set by the keyword research and trend monitoring modules, SEO Effect might well become one of the industry’s most powerful tool suites.

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