The TopSEOs Scam / SEO and Quantum Theory

For State of Search I wrote a rant against TopSEOs, a notorious scam intended to deceive potential clients with regards to a SEO company’s quality. I call on the SEO industry to stop lending implicit support to such deceptive practices and to take a stand:

State of Search: TopSEOs: Kill The Hypocrisy, It’s Time To Take a Stand

Advertising itself as an ‘an independent authority on search vendors’, the marketing material distributed by TopSEOs seems to suggest that a top ranking on a TopSEOs list is a mark of quality. This is, of course, a big fat lie, as rankings on TopSEOs can simply be bought. The more money you give TopSEOs, the higher they will rank you.

Prompted by a tweet from Geoff Jackson from search marketing firm Clubnet, I wrote a post for Search News Central about the similarities between SEO and quantum physics:

Search News Central: Where SEO meets Quantum Physics

All this SEO shtick does feel like a roll of the dice sometimes, doesn’t it? We do our best to send all the right signals in to this big black search engine box, and hope that what comes out more or less meets our expectations. More often than not, it doesn’t. We might as well be trying to catch Higgs-bosons with our bare hands.

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  1. And yet nothing changes? Another angle that most folks don’t focus on is the fact that being ranked LOWER on their system (because you are not paying) has a negative impact on brand value and may even financial damage a company listed with them.

    “Why do you rank so low on TopSEOs?” <– sale lost or hurdle created.

    The average business owners in my experience never stop to search "TopSEOS Scam" on Google before placing great faith in the TopSEOs guidance. Therefore, it's very hard to change their mind after they start questioning your rank on TopSEOs. Professional agencies are probably reluctant to speak negatively against anyone else – because it just makes them look bad (unprofessional) so it's highly unlikely that any professional firm will say "Hey! They're a scam! Google 'TopSEOs Scam' and look for yourself".

    Without naming names, I've heard voicemails left by TopSEOs where they are asking for "payment" to "improve rankings" on their website. Bad. Bad. Bad.

    What's even more interesting is that none of the information provided by the "independent authority" is validated. How did they know the retention rate of company Did they review the client books or tax returns? Are they taking the businesses word for it? Did they even ASK?

    I can rate an apple. If it looks moldy…..if it's squishy…. it's probably a bad apple. I'm still wondering how TopSEOs validates the information advertised on their website.

    And somehow, Google still ranks them highly for many keywords that drive a ton of business.

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