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I started off my SEO blogging in 2011 with two posts published on the same day. For State of Search I wrote an opinion piece about the decline of Google’s search quality, and looked at the similarities between what’s happening now and what happened a decade ago when Google was just an upstart search engine:

State of Search: We’re tired of Google, it’s time for a change

It seems history is doomed to repeat itself. Google now takes the role of the lumbering and slow-moving giant of the web, incapable of dealing with the growing mountains of webspam. Its SERPs are cluttered and filled with spammy websites, and users are losing their trust in the accuracy of the big G’s search results.

And for Search News Central I wrote an article detailing two important aspects of doing SEO for large-scale ecommerce sites: site structure and xml product feeds:

Search News Central: Two Great SEO Tips for Large-Scale Ecommerce Sites

Something that many SEOs have known for a long time already, and recently endorsed by Derrick Wheeler (Microsoft’s SEO architect), is that for large-scale websites site structure is king. I.e. the way the site is set up and structured – assuming a healthy link profile and good content are in place – is probably the single most important SEO aspect that you should focus on.

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