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The Friday Commentary series is back on State of Digital, and I once again contributed to it with a column about the pervasive surveillance state that makes all of us guilty by default:

State of Digital: In a Total Surveillance State, Everyone is Guilty

Everyone will be seen as a potential offender. Everyone will have said something, or bought something, or visited somewhere, or looked at something, which raises a red flag and makes them guilty in the eyes of the omnipresent surveillance state. And when everyone is guilty, no one is.

Back on the topic of SEO, my newest State of Digital post is about auditing a website for technical SEO issues, specifically aimed at optimising crawl efficiency:

State of Digital: The First Pillar of SEO – Technology

A site’s underlying technology impacts, among many other things, the way pages are generated, the HTTP status codes that it serves, and the code it sends across the web to the crawler. These all influence how a web crawler engages with your website.

I continued my series of blogs for 123-Reg about starting my own business. The latest post in the series is about time management:

123-Reg: Starting your own business – Part 7: Managing time

One day I think I’ve plenty of time to deliver a project, then the next day the deadline is looming large right in front of me. More often than not I have to postpone delivery of the project, because I never want to compromise on quality. Better to be late than to be inferior.

I’ve been a lecturer on SEO for the Digital Marketing Institute for a while, and when they looked at a series of webinars on various digital marketing topics they asked me to contribute to a SEO webinar. This is the resulting hangout:

If you just want the core points and/or read a transcript of the recording, you can find that here.

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